Project - Quality education of specialists in the profession "CNC machines and systems".



Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

In 2022, the first class of dual training "CNC machines and systems", created by "Ideal Standard - Vidima" contribution, will graduate. The project aims to prepare specialists from the middle course "CNC machines and systems" through practical training in a real work environment, providing modern textbooks for the academic year 2021/2022, developing the National Examination Program for graduating in 2022 students from across the country "CNC machines and systems".

Project Target Group

The target group is the students studying "CNC Machines and Systems" from Sevlievo high school "Gen. Iv. Bachvarov ". Nationwide, the National Examination Program will be applied to all students studying "CNC Machines and Systems" in professional high schools in the country.

Project Duration

The company has a long practice of conducting a summer internship program for students for almost 30 years. This opportunity has become a springboard for career development for young professionals - 20% of young people in the summer internship program remain to work in the company. In addition, the company developed training and production practice for the students from the professional high school in Sevlievo.

Project Activities

1. Dual training - compulsory training and production practice, as part of the learning process in the academic year 2020 - 2021 and 2021 - 2022 and during the summer vacation. 2. Purchase of specialized literature - "Programming of CNC metal cutting machines" and "Setting up CNC metal cutting machines". 3. Preparation of the National Examination Program - before the beginning of the academic year 2021/2022 (from 25.08 to 03.09.2021). Authors from the company are eng. Svetlana Georgieva, dr. eng. Hasan Hasanov; and teachers from Sevlievo high school "Gen. Ivan Bachvarov ” - eng. Nikolay Kolev, eng. Darina Hristova, eng. Zdravka Moneva. Detailed information about the activities is published in the company's blog, regional publications: Rositsa newspaper, 100 Vesti newspaper, Sevlievo online, a great viral effect has been achieved through Facebook publications and shares. Positive response with at least 20,000 readings.

Project Results

Students from the specialty "CNC Machines and Systems" receive real practical knowledge from their production practice and get theoretical training with the new textbooks that meet the development of the industry in the XXI century. With the preparation of the national examination program by leading specialists in the field, the state examination for acquiring the third degree of professional qualification will correspond to the study material and the needs of the business for qualified secondary education staff.