Project - With two hearts for our chidlren



Award for Cause-related Marketing

Project description

Project Aim

The aim of the project is to support the cause of "Prevention of abandonment of babies and young children" of "For Our Children" Foundation. According to the Foundation's data, high number of parents face the dilemma of whether to separate from their child in the hospital. The main reasons include: poverty (75%), lack of support (48%), poor living conditions (65%), mental and psychological difficulties (33%). According to the NSI, 408 children were placed in care homes in 2020 alone. It is because of these statistics that we have taken their cause as ours - building a support network around families at risk of abandoning their children. An important element of our work is not only to provide funds for the cause, but also to give information through different communication channels.

Project Target Group

The project benefits "For Our Children" foundation, who in turn support families and children at risk. Their key approaches are: active social work, psychological support and mobilization of different professionals around each child. Thus, they help families to get out of a situation of vulnerability and to cope with difficulties, be they material or psychological. The ultimate goal is for the child to live in a safe and secure environment and for the family to receive support to ensure this.

Project Duration

The project started in September 2020 and is part of the company's overall socially responsible business policy. It is also our biggest collaboration to date, which continues in 2022. The project involves 4 products under the Doppelherz brand for children and mothers: Doppelherz Active Mama, Doppelherz Imuno for children, Doppelherz Vitamins A-Z Syrup for children and the Doppelherz Probiotic Jelly Bears for children.

Project Activities

The promotion of the cause is carried out through the following channels: through the packaging of the four Doppelherz products participating in the project with a specially designed communication material attached to the products; various POS materials, print advertising in pharmacy publications, print advertising in magazines, online advertising - banners, articles, collaboration with influencers, e-mail newsletters, social media campaigns - Facebook and Instagram, during specialized and consumer events. Within the first year of cooperation we donated 32000 BGN and helped 20 children and their families in difficult situations, building a supportive network around them to prevent them from being abandoned and to prevent risks to the health and lives of children. For the period Jan-June 2021 with our support and the support of other partners, the Foundation has helped 1339 children, families and participants in trainings, including: 12 children were saved from abandonment in maternity wards; 162 children and families were helped to stay together in a safe family environment; 51 families with young children received emergency family support.

Project Results

Apart from the purely financial support that Queisser Pharma Bulgaria provided to the foundation in 2021, more importantly, thanks to the intensive communication of the issue, the cause, the collaboration and the project as a whole in different communication channels: - we reached a huge number of new people who were previously unaware of the statistics and causes of infant and young child abandonment in Bulgaria, what a serious problem this is for our country and how many Bulgarian children live at risk - some of the influencers we work with on this project embraced the mission of the foundation and started working directly with them on other projects and causes; - indirectly, we attracted new corporate partners who started cooperation with the Foundation - inspired our team