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Project description

Project Aim

In 2020, Transpress launched the TranSport awareness program. Its aim is to raise awareness among the truck driver community, to offer useful information, to help and encourage professional drivers to take care of their health. TranSport is an educational program for long-term efforts that cannot change the behavior of drivers overnight. However, the objectives and expected results of the first phase are: • Raising awareness of healthy lifestyle issues • Offering useful information and advice from professionals • Dissemination of knowledge and ideas to a wider audience through the media • Imposing a discussion in the truck driver community • Encouraging drivers to participate in the project with their own ideas and suggestions • Inspiration with a good example

Project Target Group

Professional drivers who want to lead a healthier lifestyle Representatives of the professional community of drivers who would act as "campaign ambassadors" (eg drivers who would attract colleagues) Оther professions with a sedentary lifestyle such as warehouse workers, office couriers Transport business in Bulgaria in search of like-minded people and expanding the scope The general public to raise awareness and attract interest

Project Duration

TranSport's awareness program kicks off in 2020 with special training on road suggestions, as well as expert advice on proper posture and ideas for a balanced diet. The campaign continues to this day, with a specially created group in which everyone can set a good example and give new ideas to colleagues. More than 10 people were photographed, and the group has 2,000 followers on Facebook.

Project Activities

TranSport was created by four-time Olympic medalist and world champion Yordan Yovchev at the request of Transpress, as part of its vision to help professional drivers take care of their health. It includes a series of free video workouts with easy exercises that can be performed both in the cab of the truck and outdoors. Doctors' advice on food, drink and proper posture is also provided to truck drivers. No special equipment is required to perform the exercises along with truck elements and hand tools such as ordinary water containers. The program pays special attention to the heating part. On the one hand, this is extremely important as preparation for any workout. In addition, drivers can use it to tone and improve blood circulation during their short breaks, to wake up when they feel tired on the road or to prevent injuries when performing physical work related to loading and unloading.

Project Results

A total of 243,000 views of all videos in the TranSport series (BG version only) in all (Facebook, YouTube and Instagram) (statistics attached to the app) Total range of 306K users in the listed channels (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram) TranSport videos have thousands of shares and re-shares across all major truck driver groups and have gone viral in the community A discussion with more than 1,000 participants was provoked The TranSport Facebook group currently has nearly 2,000 members TranSport's concept, information and advice have been widely disseminated through traditional application-media. 60 publications in print and online media, as well as television reports.