Project - HP Inc. Bulgaria "Еvolving every day"



Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

"In a world that is growing and evolving every day HP Inc. Bulgaria's "Evolving Every Day" initiative is designed to enhance the skills, experience, and knowledge that our Bulgarian employees have, as well as their overall well-being and work environment. The project offers a solution via a variety of investments towards improving the working environment of the employees to achieve high quality of their working conditions and wellbeing. Additionally, the project is focused on the development and implementation of trainings, workshops, and development programs, which are designed to help employees improve their knowledge and skills based on the latest trends in each respective field of development."

Project Target Group

Beneficiaries of the project are all regular employees of HP Inc. Bulgaria.

Project Duration

HP Inc. Bulgaria Еvolving every day is part of the bigger CSR strategy of HP and the second pillar 'People' (the other two are 'Planet' and 'Community'). In this pillar, our CSR strategy is to create a powerful culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. As well as to deliver value, building the skills, expertise, competencies, and capabilities of HP’s employees with skills-building and wellbeing programs. For the objective of this nomination, we will focus mainly on the last year's projects.

Project Activities

"The main project activities we did during the LAST YEAR are: -Provided opportunity for all our employees to buy essential office equipment and to receive monthly internet reimbursement, to improve the quality of their home office, therefore, their working conditions. - Organized six Project Management Professional (PMP) Acceleration Programs for more than 300 employees. -Awarded more than 200 tickets for professional development conferences. -Organized intensive leadership development program "Everyone is a Leader" for 25 employees. -Lean Six Sigma Trainings – ~60 people were trained in 5 groups. -Resilience Workshop in collaboration with Sofia University for ~20 employees. -Organized more than 30 virtual events for all of our employees, related to professional and personal development. - HP Inc. Bulgaria Shadowing Program- a 3-month program where individuals exchange experience from different teams and internal organizations to improve knowledge. "

Project Results

Thanks to "Evolving every day", for one year we: - Improved the working conditions of our employees, providing an opportunity to buy office equipment and receive monthly internet reimbursement. -Invested ~500 volunteer hours for the development of our colleagues, equivalent to ~ 50000 BGN (according to a rate, calculated by HP Foundation for Bulgaria). -Provided various upskilling and continuous learning opportunities for our colleagues, awarding more than 200 tickets for professional events. -Created a community of Leaders in our Sofia Site, delivering a Leadership program for our site. -Improved the knowledge of our colleagues by delivering more than 30 virtual trainings related to Project Management, Personal Branding, Problem Solving, Career Development, Communication, and more.