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Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

In 2021, we aimed to strengthen the growth of supportive environments for vulnerable groups in Bulgarian society by adapting our CSR programs and processes to the current conditions through active partnership with civil and educational organizations so that our social investment of BGN 400,000 reaches up to the maximum number of beneficiaries in the fields of education, the environment and healthcare, with maximum positive effect and the active involvement of over 900 employees as volunteers.

Project Target Group

The project benefited over 60,000 people outside the company, incl. over 10,000 disadvantaged children and students and 50 civic organizations and schools; targeted to all 4,000+ employees of the company, engaging them in charitable and volunteering causes.

Project Duration

For 7 years the company’s foundation has granted support for over 300,000 people with over BGN 1 million in the areas of our CSR policy: education, the environment and healthcare. For 9 consecutive years the TELUS Days of Giving volunteer program benefits vulnerable groups from all over the country.

Project Activities

The CSR team researched the specific needs of our partner organizations and structured the project according to our CSR policy: The #TimeToMakeTomorrow grant program has maintained its increased funding limit of BGN 15000 per project and lighter application process. Volunteering and TELUS Days of Giving. Hundreds of volunteers donated thousands of hours in renovating classrooms, caring for animals and renovating shelters, seasonal care for bees, etc. 800+ took part in a virtual marathon and the challenge to "climb" Everest passing 60000 km - more than a full walk around the Earth, ensuring funding through the company to help more than 1000 children and purchase a "wild" ambulance for injured animals. 2.5M steps were walked with the cause - the purchase of specialized surf equipment for sea therapy for children with disabilities. Our CSR, HR and Talent Acquisition teams participated in 2 workshops; 4 webinars (e.g. the first Diversity&Inclusion Forum); mentoring in the Giving Tuesday.

Project Results

Material and non-financial assistance for actual, timely and sustainable positive change in the life and environment of children with disabilities and their parents by receiving the necessary rehabilitation; keeping premature babies and their parents together from the first days; students from small towns across the country and those who have lost one or both parents to continue their education successfully; two wheelchair basketball teams to participate in tournaments in Bulgaria and Europe.