Project - For better health and care for people



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

The project focuses on two main areas: 1. Healthcare - support for renovation of the obstetrics and gynecology departments in the hospitals in Gabrovo and Sevlievo, purchase of modern equipment. 2. Establishment of a day center for people with double sensory disabilities in Gabrovo District.

Project Target Group

1. Patients are treated under favorable conditions and with reliable equipment in hospitals, and doctors perform their work in good working conditions. 2. The "horror room" turns into a friendly day center for 50 people with double sensory disabilities in Gabrovo District.

Project Duration

The upgrade in the area of healthcare is a continuation of the company's 30-year commitment. The construction of the daily center for people with double sensory disabilities lasted from April to December.

Project Activities

1. For better healthcare - jointly with the hospitals were identified the investment projects: "Dr. Tota Venkova" hospital - purchase of a colonoscope and orthopedic equipment (September 2021), repair of the obstetrics and gynecology department (opened on 21.01.22); "Dr. Stoycho Hristov" hospital - repair of the operating room in the obstetrics and gynecology ward (opening on 21.01.22) and painting in the hall for discharge of babies, purchase of an echocardiograph for the "Therapeutic ward" (July); ventilation system in "Surgery". Medical Center 1 - ultrasound (August). The specialized hospital for active treatment of lung diseases - ECG device, bank stands, oxygen concentrators, venescope, small oxygen bottle, laboratory device for D-dimer testing (purchased in December, delivery expected). 2.Complete renovation of the day center for the blind and deaf - April - December 2021. Detailed information about the activities was published in the regional editions: Rositsa newspaper, 100 Vesti newspaper, Sevlievo online, gabrovonews, gabrovo daily, a great viral effect was achieved through Facebook publications and shares. Positive response with at least 40,000 readings.

Project Results

We have turned the "room of horrors", called in Patarinski's report, into a friendly place for integration and training of 50 people with double-sensory disabilities in Gabrovo District. With the new equipment, doctors make more accurate diagnosis of diseases and affordable treatment for all patients in Gabrovo region.