Project - “Giving back the smile on a child’s face is the best reward”


Takeda Bulgaria EOOD


Overall CSR policy of SME

Project description

Project Aim

At Takeda, we believe that children are our future and every child deserves happy childhood, despite their specific situation.We had two projects in 2021: 1 June–International Children’s Day–Takeda organized celebration for children in the Specialized Center for accommodation of family-type in Dren Christmas -mission possible! -16.12.2021- Takeda arranged a Christmas party for the patients in the Pediatric Hospital "Prof. Ivan Mitev", Sofia. Just because a child is hospitalized around holidays doesn’t mean they should miss Christmas celebrations in school/kindergarten and meeting Santa! Just before Christmas, the little patients in the hospital were visited and delighted by Santa Ongoing support of mothers of children with disabilities by buying hand-made (by them) gifts for our employe

Project Target Group

The target group are children - mostly those with a disadvantage but also everyone else, because they are all our future and no distinction should be made.

Project Duration

Takeda organizes and supports various projects aimed at improving public climate and contributing to business sustainability. Children are a specific priority–both such who are in an unfavorable situation (orphans, with disabilities, suffering from various diseases), and all other children (we plan projects to support education, project in schools with focus on Japanese culture). We do all that because children today are the active adults tomorrow. Because all children deserve a good start.

Project Activities

Organizing: •1.06.2021- We delighted the children with sweеts, many gifts and opportunity to ride motorcycles, though for quite short time to avoid any safety risks, with representatives of one of Sofia motorcycle clubs. The event was attended by all children from the institution, their educators, representatives of the MC, employees of Takeda and representatives of Radomir municipality. •Christmas- mission possible initiative–just before Christmas the little patients in the hospital were visited and delighted by Santa Claus who gave sweets and presents to all kids. The Children's Vocal Group "Naughty Notes" contributed to the good mood. While organizing the events, our agency got in contact with various companies (providers of sweets and drinks and for getting presents). Some of those recognized the initiatives and participated by providing additional gifts at their cost. This made celebrations even better for the children • We purchased “martenitsi”, Christmas cards and gifts for our employees and their families from the group “Buy a gift from a mother of a child with disabilities”. Our employees regularly purchase gifts for personal occasions from mothers in that group.

Project Results

We hope that we managed to achieve our main goal – that there are no children, deprived of the emotions they would enjoy if they were “like all others”. Because all children are children and deserve a happy Children day and happiness and celebrations around Christmas. We will continue with implementing such initiatives in order to achieve this goal with effect for as many children as possible. In connection with the projects we achieved long-term partnerships with various institutions and organizations. Nevertheless, the most important result from both initiatives are the smiles on children’s faces. By supporting mothers of children with disabilities we hope that we have at least a little bit helped them in handling their everyday problems (financial, social, emotional).