Project - Road for the ladies



Diversity at Work

Project description

Project Aim

Providing information on the nature of work taking into account the specifics of women drivers; Engaging women drivers as mentors in open communication and direct sharing of experience with stakeholders; Promoting success stories; Providing additional support and partial funding for obtaining the necessary license for law management, as well as additional practical training and the opportunity for internships and permanent work in Transpress;Engaging the community of professional drivers in our country with the topic and providing a positive attitude and a good collegial environment for the admission of women in the profession; Sharing a good example with other transport companies in Bulgaria to expand the scope; Attracting attention and support from the general public to the topic

Project Target Group

Women who are looking for opportunities for career guidance and professional realization Representatives of the professional community of drivers who would act as "agents of change" (eg drivers who would attract their partners, sisters and others close to the profession The professional community for creating an enabling environment for women BG Transport business in search of like-minded people and expanding the scope General public to raise awareness, attract interest and support environme

Project Duration

The campaign started symbolically on March 8, 2021 and is still open. So far, inquiries have been received from over 100 candidates who have gone through the first phase of career guidance. The final phase of the program has reached 12 candidates, who are employed on a permanent contract in TRANSPRESS. One of the most important values ​​of our company is the faith in people - employees, customers and partners and this campaign is at the heart of the company.

Project Activities

A high level of support is provided among the professional community of drivers. A survey conducted by TRANSPRESS with 1,600 respondents shows that over 90% assess the profession as suitable for women. Less than 10% of the participants in the survey are of the opposite opinion, and according to the majority of them the problem is not the lack of qualities, but the difficult conditions and the existing risks on the road. Half of the respondents are adamant that professional skills do not depend on gender, and one third even allow women to be better drivers than some men.Further research has been conducted on the current situation in other countries and on good examples of such campaigns. The strategic planning and provision of the mentors and ambassadors of the initiative was carried out, and then a large-scale information campaign was conducted through the media, social networks and communication channels of the partners. The necessary organization has been created for registration and work with the interested parties, conducting subsequent trainings, internships and permanent appointments of women professional drivers in TRANSPRESS.

Project Results

• A high level of information is provided to both the direct target audiences and the general public with nearly 40 publications and reports in the Bulgarian media. • 3 female drivers are engaged as mentors in the program • Inquiries were received from over 100 candidates who went through the first phase of career guidance • 12 candidates have reached the final phase of the program and are employed on a permanent contract in TRANSPRESS • The initiative received a positive response from the transport industry in Bulgaria and was awarded prizes