Project - Bulsatcom's “Globus” package supports the cause of “Teach For Bulgaria”



Award for Cause-related Marketing

Project description

Project Aim

The covid-19 pandemic has left humanity in a common, unprecedented crisis. There is no area of ​​our lives that has not been affected by the virus, including the education system that has managed to adapt to the new conditions. Distance learning has developed rapidly and has been accepted as a possible alternative. This need and the lack of live contact at school have led to reflection on the possibilities of television as a learning tool. The analysis of the situation helped us to turn television into a tool to support learning, not just a pandemic situation. Providing access to high-quality documentaries and science films with the “Globus” pack, Bulsatcom gave its clients the opportunity to support the work of the "Teach for Bulgaria" Foundation to improve Bulgarian education.

Project Target Group

Thanks to the quality content of the "Globus" package, students have a direct benefit. The proposed popular science programs are an ideal addition to the curriculum. The second direct benefit is supporting the "Teach For Bulgaria” Foundation mission with a donation of BGN 0.50 from each monthly package of BGN 2.00. Bulsatcom donated BGN 45000 for the qualification of young teachers and their integration into the educational system.

Project Duration

Television is one of the most influential media in the world.And today it still holds the attention of children and adults.At Bulsatcom we believe that the success of the project from the last 1 year and its increasing recognition will lead to greater deployment in 2022 with new projects as part of the partnership between the two organizations. Since Dec 2020, we have managed to engage over 100000 customers across the country,and information about the campaign has reached over 600000 Bulgarians.

Project Activities

Bulsatcom has selected some of the best popular science and historical channels (Love Nature HD, Love Nature 4K ULTRA HD (IPTV only), Travel HP, The World, and H2), which in this combination can be watched only in the additional package "Globe". Its price for clients is BGN 2 per month, and a quarter of the amount is donated in support of the “ “Teach for All” Foundation. The initiative, which has lasted for more than a year, raised over BGN 45,000 and over 90,000 active packages in the country by the end of 2021. Thanks to the commitment of Bulsatcom's clients, part of the training and support of participants in the foundation's programs "Together in class" will be supported in 2022. The main target groups (whole families, students, parents, teachers) are reached through various marketing channels - Bulsatcom offices (226 offices in the country), official sites, and social media - Bulsatcom Facebook page up to 26,000 people) and Teach For All Foundation (Facebook page up to 46,000 people), numerous media posts , sharing information about the partnership in teacher newsletters ) and over 600,000 customers of the operator.

Project Results

The feedback from teachers, using the “Globus” package and its channels, was directed to that the programs were suitable for using project-based learning/visualizations of learning, for creating and developing cross-curricular connections (such as history and geography), and could be used as an approach, in which the educational content is integrated with the visual stimulus. Apart from being mostly theoretical and partly practically oriented, the given advanced knowledge would be a plus in the students' education. Thanks to the topics, shared in different channels and broadcasts it’s possible for teachers to provoke discussions with students to encourage them to focus on useful and constructive information available on TV, and not only in the entertainment aspect.