Project - Different and unique



Diversity at Work

Project description

Project Aim

Unfortunately, there is still a perception in Bulgaria that people with disabilities don't have the necessary qualities and knowledge to work. We hear every day from our blind customers that despite of their good education and technical training, they fail to find work. In all 14 years of our existence, the company has had at average 10 - 14 employees with visual impairments. Their work is proof that people with disabilities are great employees when the right environment, technologies and attitude are provided. We do not just offer products and services for the blind, but our own example. We are live proof that purely human will and good technologies are needed, in order to live and work normally.

Project Target Group

The project is valuable for both our employees and visually impaired customers. Almost all employees of BGAssist have visual impairment, but this is only in our benefit. We know the necessities of our customers in the smallest details. We are familiar with their problems and needs because they are just like ours. We know their dreams and families and we are glad that many of them are our friends. We daily are fortunate to touch the tiny victories of life, both of our blind colleagues and custome

Project Duration

The project for employing people with disabilities has been part of our corporate policy since the very beginning of the company. For 14 years we have had the pleasure to work with great professionals, who have no problem to disassemble a computer, even though they have never seen a light. We also invest in the blind community. Over 20% of the working time for each of us is appointed for free support to blind children and adults, who cannot pay for our services.

Project Activities

Activity 1: Hiring people with visual and other impairments - currently in the company work 14 people, 12 of them are with disabilities. We are constantly looking for good professionals with disabilities because we know that the work is valuable. Activity 2: Training of our team with disabilities. Every year we provide training to improve the professional skills of our employees in several areas: Knowledge of global trends in the providing of services and products for the blind; Specialized trainings for: - Braille printing; - Assessment of web accessibility for people with disabilities; - Working with screen readers and other specific software; - Servicing clients with disabilities, etc. Activity 3: Investing in the blind community. Over 20% of the working time of our blind employees is appointed on supporting other people with visual impairments, who can't pay for our services. We organize periodic free webinars for the visually impaired about working with remote education platforms, such as ZOOM and others. We on a voluntary basis consult resource teachers, information technology teachers, website developers about specialized technologies for the blind and web acces

Project Results

For 14 years, more than 30 employees with visual impairments have worked for us. Some of them are still our employees. Another part of them work in different sectors and companies using the acquired knowledge in our common work. Each new employee gets supportive training in order to master in detail the technologies for the blind. On the other hand, the investments we make in the blind community are our personal cause. We currently provide free consultations to 17 visually impaired students across the country, and 32 other visually impaired adults receive gratuitous support for learning technologies for the blind. Over the years we have supported more than 400 blind people by providing free consultations, trainings, specialized products, assistance and even purely human support.