Project - "The Ten Causes of Neterra" - a project of Neterra in support of society



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

Neterra's Ten Causes is Neterra's annual initiative, involving all employees as well as our partners and customers. The project aims to support the maximum number of organizations and causes each year, expanding our support among various social groups in society. Thus, we believe that by investing resources and efforts in various causes, we contribute in a balanced way to the development of the entire ecosystem of organizations and volunteers in our country who invest their time and desire to support society.

Project Target Group

The aim of the project is to cover a wider range of needy groups and their causes. In 2021 the project targets the following target groups: - Students in a school with a technological profile - Gifted students from socially disadvantaged families - Refugee women in our country and their families - Elderly people from isolated areas of the country - People with disabilities - Mothers of children with disabilities - Children without parents

Project Duration

The causes, part of the project, have an annual horizon or one-time, and after each initiative and at the end of the current year we report the results in internal communication, as well as newsletters to our partners and customers.

Project Activities

1. Neterra supported the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria, which raised funds for the purchase of school supplies for over 160 refugee children of all ages. 2. Neterra sent its team for the charity run Run2Gether Bulgaria 2021 in support of people with disabilities. 3. Neterra participates in the Business Run race in support of the For Our Children Foundation to build temporary shelter and care for children aged 0 to 7 separated from their families. 4. Neterra supports the Payroll Donation initiative, with its employees donating payrolls to various causes with direct monthly donations. 5. Neterra supports the school in the village of Rusalya for gifted children whose families are in financial difficulties by providing a year-round scholarship per student. 6. Neterra supports SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria by purchasing handmade Christmas cards with a cause. 7. Neterra supported the Maiko Mila Foundation by purchasing Christmas toys made by mothers of children with disabilities. 8. We support the Heroes Wanted Association by purchasing handmade martenitsas from grandmothers from Rhodope villages. 9. We support TUES in 2 of their events - HackTUES 8 and TUESFest 2022 1

Project Results

We have contributed to the causes of the organizations we have supported, and the feedback from each of the organizations gives us confidence that the invested funds and efforts have given excellent results in all the causes we have supported in 2021.