Project - Examine yourself. Take care of yourself!



Award for Cause-related Marketing

Project description

Project Aim

“Examine yourself. Take care of yourself!“ is a joint campaign of FANTASTICO and Nana Gladwish Foundation “One in 8”, which focuses on awareness of breast cancer - the most common cancer among women. Every year, more than 2,000,000 women around the world hear the diagnosis, and more than 4000 were diagnosed in Bulgaria. Objectives of the campaign: • To draw public attention to the prevention of breast cancer at a time when thousands of preventive examinations are being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. • To improve health literacy about prevention and the possibilities of modern medicine for the treatment of breast cancer. • To provide funding for the activities of the “One in 8” Foundation, with FANTASTICO committing to donate BGN 0.05 from each shopping bag sold in October 202

Project Target Group

The message “Examine yourself. Take care of yourself!“ targets all men and women aged 18+. Within the initiative, more than 1,500,000 messages calling for care for women's health reached the Bulgarian homes together with the purchases through the campaign slogan printed on FANTASTICO’s shopping bags. The information reached the target group through many other information materials, as well as live meetings with the team of the "One in 8" Foundation.

Project Duration

The initiative “Examine yourself. Take care of yourself!” was held in October 2021 – the World Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This joint campaign is a continuation of the partnership between FANTASTICO and "One in 8" of March 2021 for the provision of preventive examinations to over 1000 women in the FANTASTICO team. The partnership between the two organizations is part of the company's long-term policy in support of healthcare, education, culture, vulnerable groups.

Project Activities

Activities to promote the cause: • 1 500 000 special shopping bags bearing the message “Have yourself checked up. Take care of yourself!” • Video content – video clip featuring Nana Gladwish, reaching over 100 000 FANTASTICO customers every day from the screens in the supermarkets, as well as hundreds of thousands of social network users. • Press releases and articles – broadcasting partners’ sites in other media like:,, etc. • Printed materials – information about the initiative in a weekly brochure of 400 000 copies, hundreds of flayers. • Events – The campaign was opened on October 1 with an emotional flash mob in a working supermarket, featuring Poly Genova, Atanas Mesechkov, and dancers from two dance schools. Flash mob in a supermarket – Poly Genova and dancers in pink open the campaign with an emotional flash mob in a supermarket on October 1. - On October 1 (in Sofia) and October 14 (in Pernik) the rose camper of “One in 8” was in front of FANTASTICO supermarkets in Sofia and Pernik. Foundation’s team gave information materials and held personal meetings.

Project Results

A key communication tool in the campaign Is one of the best-selling products in FANTASTICO supermarkets - shopping bags. The message of care for women's health has reached hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians while shopping. FANTASTICO donated over BGN 64,000 in support of the work of "One in 8". In October it allocated BGN 0.05 from the proceeds from all shopping bags sold. The funds are intended for conducting preventive examinations, for informational and practical support of women with breast cancer. We believe that thanks to the joint campaign with "One in 8": • Human lives will be saved if diagnosed on time. • The quality of life of women fighting breast cancer. • The health literacy of many women who have not consulted a mammologist will be improved.