Diversity at Work

Project description

Project Aim

In response to the needs of our international clients, we have become a global company. We have created an environment of multicultural dynamics, built from different points of view, personalities, expertise, gender, nationality, language, religion, ethnicity. 2021 was particularly challenging – a mixed model of collaboration with work from a distance was established; we continued to grow in number of employees; we added more nationalities and opened new offices; we gathered a colorful team in Bulgaria; All this has become our "new normal". In this way we enrich not only the environment for our employees and customers, but also upgrade the IT sector in Bulgaria. This diversity is an inspiring progress, but also a challenge – to unite different people around common values and goals.

Project Target Group

- Colleagues– we provide an open environment, full of cultures and development opportunities - Clients – appreciating the various cultural perspectives in our mixed teams and our ability to answer their needs from highly qualified experts - Company– processes for attracting and developing talent from everywhere, enabling us to grow and being a competitive advantage in an environment of hunger for IT - Bulgaria– We are developing the environment in Bulgaria as a hub for high-level world expert

Project Duration

Our policies are based on mutual respect and individuality freedom, which welcomes the diversity of each employee and helps him develop. In 2018 we started in Latin America and the pandemic triggered a large-scale geographical expansion. In 2020 we officially announced the WORLD as our new office; We continued with Pristina, Bitola, Plovdiv, Cairo, Alexandria. 2022 plans include expansion to Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.

Project Activities

Focused on PEOPLE as a core and guided by the goals of uniting different individuals around common goals, we upgraded all talent stages: discovering, hiring, introducing, integrating, developing TALENT. Only in 2021: - 50+ offline / online / hybrid events–various in format and scale team events, charity and green initiatives, monthly events to introduce and integrate new colleagues, sports challenges, family and children's events and more. - Initiatives for WorkFromHome balance, psychological support, events to share interesting facts and specifics of the diversity of all cultures - Frequent surveys to colleagues and global strategic meetings with management, individual "pulse check" - Online expert trainings and career development programs that support the culture of self-improvement - We celebrate together personal, team and corporate successes; Musala anniversaries of colleagues; national holidays, International Day of Women, Children, etc .; we are increasingly including key holidays for colleagues from other nationalities - We are researching new markets, as the talent discovery team has been expanded by over 50%, with the establishment of a division for international hi

Project Results

In 2022 we can proudly say that we are successfully addressing the challenge of our rich diversity. Colleagues include 10+ nationalities working from 5 continents in 53 locations. 68% of the colleagues are men, 32% women and the children in the Musala family are 300+ and speak in 7 languages. The end of 2021 was marked by the globalization of the company and the growth of employees, new projects and customers, impressive financial results. Effectively building a diverse team, united by common values and looking in one direction, helps us to be more successful with our customers – most of them being large international companies made up of multicultural teams. Corporate success is the materialization of the efforts of each individual in our team