Project - National Cancer Control Plan


Merck Sharp and Dohme Bulgaria


Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

National Cancer Control Plan (NCCP) project with CredoWeb. The campaign strives to raise oncology awareness and orchestrate the public opinion and attitude towards a future implementation of a NCCP, which the European Commission advocates for. MSD as a socially responsible and patient centric company needs to partner up and support the institutions in the process of NCCP implementation to improve the local oncology environment in the long term. Oncological studies have shown that a main issue for the Bulgarian onco environment is the lack of NCCP to regulate the patient journey, as well as the lack of robust cancer register to improve sustainable predictability. The project combined efforts of the responsible parties (stakeholders, experts and Pharma) to start developing the strategy.

Project Target Group

The project is executed in collaborating with CredoWeb and targets the leading oncologists in Bulgaria, as they are the main catalyst who needs to embrace the NCCP. Consecutive roundtables with the experts and the stakeholders, which focused on selecting the approach to adopt a NCCP, which will improve the patient journey and patient outcomes in Bulgaria.

Project Duration

Project duration - 6 months.

Project Activities

Organization of expert forums and roundtables. Participants included the expert oncologists and key opinion leaders in the area, as well as EC representatives and professional associatations on EU level, the key stakeholders from Bulgaria (NHIF, Ministry, healthcare commision). Health media coverage.

Project Results

Evaluation of the need of NCCP adoption, establishment of a MoH work group, which implements the NCCP as per the EU recomendations. Inclusion of the NCCP in the Recovery and Resilience Plan.