Project - Business and the University of Mining and Geology together for a modern mining industry in Bulgaria



Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

The partnership aims to provide quality education and practical training of qualified specialists in the mineral resources industry.Interaction with business provides competitive conditions for realization and introduces innovations;raises the image of the professions in the industry.DPM companies support the creation of optimal material and technical conditions for training and practice in line with new trends and technologies in the industry.At the heart of the dynamic development of the world are progressive minds,intelligent solutions and raw materials or mining industry.By investing in science,business is developing technology and modernizing industry to provide highly qualified personnel to meet the requirements of the Green Deal and ensure our energy independence as a sovereign coun

Project Target Group

Students and lecturers from MGU "St. Ivan Rilski ”; Specialists from Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech EAD; Specialists from Dundee Precious Metals Krumovgrad EAD; Specialists in the mining industry.

Project Duration

Education is among the priorities in the company's social policy. The partnership and exchange of experience in the field of research has lasted for more than 18 years. Started in 2004, over the years the material and technical base has been renovated, numerous trainings, internships have been conducted, various research projects have been implemented. In 2020 An agreement for cooperation was concluded between the DPM companies in Bulgaria and the University for the next 5 years.

Project Activities

Training and qualification: • Engaging DPM specialists to participate in the learning process of MGU, conducting a mentoring program; • Conducting training internships, internship programs and practical training for students in DPM; • Improving the qualification of DPM specialists; • Involvement of lecturers and research teams from MGU in research; consultations and trainings. Equipment and material and technical base: • Repair and furnishing of classrooms in MGU; • Providing specialized software, licenses and computer configurations; • Providing conditions for practical research of doctoral students; • Improving the qualification of teachers. Cooperation Agreement 2020: • Implementation of activities in the field of research, applied and expert activities, design of sustainable products. • Joint work to raise the image of the professions in the mining industry. In addition, the MGU research team is working on many DPM projects related to ore mining and processing, mine water treatment, closure and reclamation of disturbed terrain and thus developing scientific and production potential.

Project Results

The last years have clearly highlighted the direction of development of professionals who have graduated from MGU.Engaged in companies such as DPM, which provide the means for innovation and development, these minds develop mining science and make space exploration possible. Our achievements are world class and compete in technology sectors such as IT and artificial intelligence: • Award of the Mining magazine for a new technology for extraction of ore • the first drone with artificial intelligence in the Chelopech mine, operating in a GPS-free environment, developed with Exyn Thanks to our partnership with MGU, we were able to plan and develop the most modern new mine in the Natura 2000 protected area. Ada Tepe is the first newly developed mine in the country for the last 40 years.