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Award for Cause-related Marketing

Project description

Project Aim

GOOD FOOD WITH A GOOD CAUSE From each purchased portion of food or a dietary menu, we set aside 5% for the BlagoDaritel Foundation, through which we donate warm food to people in need. Each of our clients is a Good Giver and supports a good cause. The platform is envisaged to include a list of various charitable causes, from which the client will be able to choose which cause to support with their purchase. The loyalty of satisfied customers who understand and support the model and its social and environmental cause and because of the closed work cycle with minimal loss and scrapping due to non-realized goods and profits.

Project Target Group

Corporate Clients Вlagodaria.Bg gives convenience and ease in everyday life, relief in the household, healthy and affordable food for everyone in the family, relieving from shopping for household goods and increase corporate social responsibility. Blagodaria.Bg offers a flexible social package for food and shopping, closely individualized, with the speed and ease of ordering and with a higher value than previous standard ones.

Project Duration


Project Activities

Over 90 charity events so far and over 10,000 people received healthy food for lunch or dinner

Project Results

Many children and people in need were fed and regularly fed. Many companies got involved with their employees and participated in the preparation and distribution of food.