Project - Production of respiratory masks and ventilators for breathing


BTL Industries


Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

The project purpose is to respond to the emerging need for protective equipment and breathing devices due to the global pandemic with the COVID 19 virus. As a socially responsible company, BTL Industries understands the necessity to focus its skills, knowledge, and production capacity in the development of new products for the company in order to meet the society’s needs. The new production of respiratory masks: C FIT Respirator and Flat Fit Respirator and ventilators that provide invasive and non-invasive lung ventilation meet all medical requirements and quality standards. The transformation of the operative company’s activity is in support of the Covid 19 crises and started in 2020 which is a clear sign of solidarity and concern for humans’ health.

Project Target Group

The project is public and is intended to benefit a wide range of people. The devices, manufactured by BTL Industries, are designed for hospitals and clinics. The masks are for massive use and have standard characteristics. A large number of pharmacies in the country were equipped with them for massive sales, and many businesses have invested in such masks to ensure the safety of their employees. BTL Industries also donated 15 devices and 100,000 masks to the most affected hospitals in Plovdiv.

Project Duration

BTL Industries is a company, fully devoted to its moto “Everything for our patients” and is always ready to respond to the humans’ needs. Apart from Bulgaria, the production of masks for the period August 2020 - May 2021 was also in the Czech Republic. Devices are manufactured only in our country, but were exported and sold in other countries such as the Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Tunisia, Ukraine, Jordan.

Project Activities

2021 was a difficult year, filled with many obstacles and difficult challenges for people and businesses. As a socially responsible company, BTL Industries is committed to the societal problems of coronavirus fight. The start of production of masks took place in August 2020 and lasted until May 2021 and more than 60 employees were hired for it. The number of masks produced for massive use for the period is 14 million. In addition, BTL Industries donated 100,000 respiratory masks to medical institutions and medical centers in Plovdiv, including 8 municipal DCCs, 3 medical centers, the Oncology Dispensary and the hospitals "St. Panteleimon ”and“ Saint Mina ”. The total value of the donation is BGN 1 million. The local production of ventilators started in September 2020 and lasts until May 2021. 20 people from the R&D center in Prague participate in the development of the devices. Nearly 40 people have been engaged in 6 months for its industrialization in serial production and the production itself in the city of Plovdiv. BTL Industries is also donating 15 of these life-saving devices to 3 hospitals in Plovdiv: St. George Hospital, St. Pantaleymon Hospital and St. Mina Hospital.

Project Results

In these unprecedented times, BTL Industries upgraded its production opportunities and started producing new products in order to show support in Covid 19 crises. The new highly technological ventilators were used for oxygen therapy which is vital for the Covid 19 treatment. It helps to improve the saturation of oxygen in the blood and to normalize respiratory capacity and volume. Thus, the risk of developing respiratory failure is reduced to a very small percentage. Respiratory masks have the highest class of protection and are the only ones in Bulgaria, certified with the CE mark, and one of the few in Europe. BTL Industries is a healthcare-oriented company whose mission has always been to make people healthier with its products.