Project - КООП=СООР: To Build a Better World NOW



Award for Cause-related Marketing

Project description

Project Aim

The first Charity campaign „КООП=СООР: To Build a Better World NOW“ in 2016 aimed at: • accentuating on the trademark КООП and its equivalence with СООР – the trademark confirmed by the International Cooperative Alliance in Latin; • allowing the Bulgarian cooperatives to join the worldwide marketing campaign of the International Cooperative Alliance for cooperative identity. • providing advertorial materials branded КООП/COOP, with the revenue of which foods branded with the same trademark shall be donated to children and elderly people from vulnerable population groups. Following the success of the campaign MB of the CCU decided the initiative to became annual. It happened six times, and different products, accentuating on the cooperative idea, principles and values were produced.

Project Target Group

The persons to receive donated foods are determined annually by a 7-member committee upon proposals by cooperative organizations all over the country. Foods branded КООП are delivered to families of SOS Kinderdorf Bulgaria and persons supported by „Concordia“ and „Future for Bulgaria“ Foundations, 9 institutions for social services for elderly and children with special needs, the home social surveillance service in 3 cities, members of 9 cooperatives in Varna, Shumen, Lovech and Russe regions

Project Duration

The campaign „КООП=СООР“ is carried out annually in two stages from March till November: • The first stage is the production of goods branded КООП (mugs, balls, tennis rackets, family games, garbage bags, memory sticks), purchased by cooperative organizations. • The second stage is the production of advertising materials for the next year (notebooks, wall calendars, branded bags and pens), which share common design with the campaign logo. The donated foods are delivered beginning of December

Project Activities

Activities include the production of branded goods and ads accentuating on the cooperative model, principles and values given as presents or sold in the cooperative shops. They are bought by CCU and the cooperative organizations at prices in which the charity sum has been determined. The difference between the sales price and the cost for production and delivery is invested in buying КООП branded basic foods (flour, sugar salt, sunflower oil, vinegar, beans, rice, lentils), donated to persons with special needs. Products provided for the campaign up to now: 2016 –advertising goods with children`s drawings from the National competition „КООП creates smiles and pictures dreams“, in which 711 children from 114 places took part. 2017 – mugs and ads branded with the campaign logo and cooperative values 2018 – balls and advertising materials branded with СООР and the aims of the sustainable development 2019 – rackets for family games and ads branded with the logo 130 years cooperative movement in Bulgaria 2020 – recycled garbage bags and memory sticks branded with the logo of the campaign 2021 - advertising materials branded with СООР logo and the cooperative anniversaries in

Project Results

In six campaigns BGN 55 950 are collected, and more than 28 000 kg of foods are distributed to: • SOS Kinderdorf Alliance –Bulgaria • Social Services Complex, Zelenikovo • Elderly people with sensitive disorders institution, Pirdop • Family Center for elderly people, Krushuna; • Center for special educational support, Kubrat • Home social surveillance service, Ugarchin, Troyan, Brezovo • Club of the Socially impeded people, Belovets, • Municipal Daily Center for disabled people, Kubrat • Institution for elderly people, Terter • Members of 9 cooperatives Varna, Shumen, Lovech and Russe. • „Concordia“ Foundation, Sofia • „Future for Bulgaria“ Foundation – Plovdiv • Institution for elderly and disabled people, Pernik