Project - Conservation of threatened bird’s trough retrofitting of hazardous overhead powerlines in Natura 2000 sites in W Bulgaria.



Investor in Environment

Project description

Project Aim

They are directed in two directions - - Conservation of the invaluable biological diversity on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, including: Reduction of mortality of endangered bird species, caused so far by birds with elements of the electricity distribution network (EDG) Securing at-risk stork nests located on EDG poles Marking of key electrical wires in order to reduce the risk of birds colliding with electrical wires Development and testing in real conditions of a prototype of a bird-safe console - Increasing the security of the EDG, including: Reduction of unplanned power outages caused by birds and / or nests Improving EDG Increasing commitment to environmental issues Increasing customer satisfaction

Project Target Group

• External c. group: The whole Bulgarian society. The aim is to promote the project activities and their results, to build public confidence in the implementation of the project. • Executive c. group: Project Implementation Team, Project Management Board, PR • Internal c. Group: All CEZ employees • Target group of mediators: main partners - mass media, media, elected representatives at regional and local level, environmental organizations, institutions, etc.

Project Duration

5 years

Project Activities

Some of the activities are: Development of GIS database Securing risk pillars Securing risky wires Securing risky stork nests Development of a bird safety pole One of the most important goals of the project and the biggest challenge for the team is the development of a safe pole for birds. There is still no such product in Bulgaria. A standard for a safe pole has already been developed. Technical indicators are available to any interested party and are provided absolutely free of charge to anyone who is interested. Part of the planned insulation materials and about 80% of the marking means are installed. BSPB is monitoring and the results are impressive. Studies show that the technical measures implemented by CEZ are 100% successful. No victims or injured birds have been found near the safety pillars. CEZ announced a competition for drawings. The candidates presented drawings that were converted into electric cassettes. The goal is to promote the project and improve the urban environment. The goal is to create an "art space" that breaks the grayness and focuses on conservation of OS.

Project Results

By the end of 2021, the following results have been achieved: - An up-to-date detailed GIS database of risky and secure pillars has been developed and maintained; - 664 stork nests are secured; - 650 risk ladders are secured; - 50 km are marked. of the most risky power lines for birds; - 8 distribution cassettes and 1 transformer post are painted; - 5 media events were held; - The project activities are presented at 13 international conferences and seminars. - 466 media coverage.