Project - ENERGO-PRO for the society



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

"ENERGO-PRO for the society" is an initiative in support of the regional communities in Bulgaria. The establishment of the initiative is a confirmation of the commitment of the companies in the Group for sustainable development and the well-being of the communities falling within the zone of influence of our investments. Through investments in socially significant public projects ENERGO-PRO wants to be a positive example for other companies that seek to change the public environment while encouraging people to contribute in a positive way to such changes. The budget amounts to BGN 100,000 per year.

Project Target Group

Applicant projects for funding from "ENERGO-PRO for society" should be in the following areas: - Chlidren development - Energy efficiency - Environmental protection - Building environmental values - Sustainable development of urban environment - Safe use of electrical appliances and equipment. The maximum funding that a project can win is BGN 5,000. It is possible the projects to be co-financed by third parties.

Project Duration

The project started in September 2021 and aims to be realized long term with an annual budget of BGN 100,000. So far a total of 7 projects with a total value of over BGN 34 000 have been approved for funding. They include three kindergartens, two schools, a library and a foundation for treatment of children with cancer.

Project Activities

The projects approved and funded so far are the following: Innovative playground in “Zdravets” kindergarden, Parvomaytsi – Interactive playground in "Zdravets” kindergarden, Kavarna – Psychotherapy with art through the Arton Bulgaria Foundation – in the Clinic of Pediatric Oncohematology at the University Hospital "St. Georgi”- Plovdiv Enrichment of the classrooms in Physics, Man and Nature and Biology at the "Nikola Ikonomov" Primary School, Razgrad where students are trained according to the STEM method Construction of a corner for practical activities and outdoor lessons "Green Classroom" in the yard of Primary School "Vasil Aprilov", Varna Enrichment of the book fund of the library in the town of Kubrat by purchasing books according to a list provided by the library Moving outside the educational process through the construction of an outdoor space for training, experimentation and discovery in "Alen Mak" kindergarden, Gorna Oryahovitsa

Project Results

The desire of ENERGO-PRO through the initiative "ENERGO-PRO for society" is to support projects that are not just in need of funding but those that form values and attitudes for sustainable change for the benefit of the local and national community. The company's goals are the implementation of approved projects to have a long-term effect and to benefit local communities. Priority is given to innovative projects that introduce new practices in the relevant fields. The projects supported so far will contribute to enriching the learning environment and educational needs of children of different ages by introducing modern approaches to building environmental values, practical knowledge in various areas of the educational process.