Award for Cause-related Marketing

Project description

Project Aim

We organize weekly online fairs for different sectors: Construction and Furniture, Sports, Health, Fashion, Food and Drink, Industries and more. The main goal of the project is to support the Bulgarian business and the public by organizing accessible and thematic Online Fairs, bringing added value to all participants - Exhibitors and Visitors. There is an established cause in every fair.

Project Target Group

Business and society in Bulgaria and the invited countries benefit from the project. The method of distribution is entirely online, through strategic and massive advertising through social networks and email marketing.

Project Duration

The project is one year and 4 months old. In every organized Online Fair there is an established cause with great added value for the society, the fairs last one week and are annual or twice a year, depending on their type.

Project Activities

Types of created and organized online fairs: Sports and Health - (Bringing children back to the playgrounds) The purpose of the event is to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle among people and especially children. Participating are sports clubs from all over Bulgaria and companies offering sporting goods, equipment, organic food, nutritional supplements, sports facilities and procedures. The participation of each sports club is sponsored by Balkan Fair Online. Online Exhibition for Craftsmen and Artists - Everyone's participation is sponsored by Balkan Fair Online in order to preserve crafts and arts. Christmas Online Fair - Organized annually in support of small businesses in Bulgaria, the participation of each company is sponsored by Balkan Fair Online. Ninth European Forum on Social Entrepreneurship - Each year, the Forum provides an opportunity for social entrepreneurs from different European countries to present their business, to communicate directly with representatives of European and national institutions and to learn about current policies promoting the social economy in Europe. Owners with Big Hearts - Online fair in which companies and enterprises with people

Project Results

Held 10 online fairs, total number of exhibitors over 400, reached online over 1.2 million people. - We have promoted 55 sports clubs under the title to bring children back to the playgrounds, through digital presentation and organizing joint online conferences. - We have supported 90 small businesses with free participation in fairs to help small businesses in Bulgaria. -We hosted online the Ninth European Forum on Social Entrepreneurship in which we participated from 5 continents with the main activity and goal to involve people with disabilities to work normally and continuously. - We helped popularize 80 Bulgarian craftsmen and artists by presenting them publicly. - By setting aside a percentage of our profits, we have sponsored the planting of over 2,000 trees in Bulgaria in 2021