Project - TRAYANA. Share good things in life!



Award for Cause-related Marketing

Project description

Project Aim

PRESTIGE’s brands are one of the most preferred and favorite brands in Bulgaria. They reach millions of Bulgarians every year. They have the power to create messages, to educate, to remind traditional Bulgarian values, to arouse optimism. In our team, we believe it is our responsibility to create brands with purpose that go beyond the usual marketing. The mission of our brand TRAYANA is to draw people's attention to those small gestures of kindness that do not require much, but give us a lot. They charge us with positive energy, return the smile on our faces and most importantly - restore our faith in good. Trayana aims to inspire people to be good, more kinder to each other, to think about the great power of small gestures of kindness. To add value by building a brand with mission

Project Target Group

Our consumers - These are people who like to enjoy life, rather traditionalists, people of routine, believe in traditional and classical values. They like the traditional Bulgarian tastes that they can rely on. They strive to have a quality life surrounded by family and friends. Оur employees as well. They are proud of what we do at Prestige - we not only create the best quality products, but we strive to set a positive example in the society in which we live.

Project Duration

At Prestige we are proud of our corporate social responsibility, on whose initiatives in recent years we have distributed hundreds of thousands of products and supported hundreds of activities and causes. But lately, we've realized that we can do even more - not just help with our sales revenue, but help with the way we generate those sales. We create brands with a mission that have the power to educate, to remind traditional Bulgarian values, to arouse optimism.

Project Activities

1) We invested in a brand new TV clip. We bet on the good that is passed from person to person. We showed the beautiful, the positive, the cheerful. We shot a video in our beautiful capital to show the beautiful face of the nature and architecture. We worked with an all-Bulgarian team to prove once again the talent of Bulgarians. 2) We took a risk and completely changed the design of all our Trayana packaging. We believe that seeing something so beautiful and colorful, Trayana's lovers will smile and be inspired for the next good deed. That is why we have dedicated a central place in our design to the sentence: "Make life more colorful and beautiful with a little kindness" In 2021 we have invested over BGN 400,000 not in Trayana's communication platform, but in reminding people of those small gestures of kindness that do not require much, but give us a lot. We have invested in the good in order to have more good news on our air and to appeal to people to be kind to each other. We want to remind Bulgarians of these little gestures every time they are in the store, every time they reach for their favorite box of Trayana biscuits.

Project Results

We added value to Trayana brand - now the favorite biscuits of generations of Bulgarians are a symbol not only of favorite taste, but also of kindness and sharing. Nearly 6 million boxes of Trayana are sold in one year - these are 6 million occasions to inspire someone to do good, smile and pass on. And many millions more will be "infected" by the message of the meaning of small good deeds on television, in the digital world, or on store shelves. Trayana is the sweetest way to share the good. We started the launch of the new packaging in early October 2021 and received the first positive reactions and feedback, but of course we will feel the full effect of the change of Trayan and the mission it stands for - to remind us of small gestures of kindness.