Project - BILLA Bulgaria – a trusted partner of socially significant causes in the country



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

The long-term project that BILLA Bulgaria is working on is the establishment of its place as a trusted partner of the business and the consumers, but also of a company that is committed to engagement with social problems in the country. Its key goal is to promote the better integration into society of all people and groups of individuals who need support. Guided by the desire to achieve it, the chain’s mission is to promote the birth rate raise in Bulgaria, to provide basic needs such as food, education and assistance in the first steps in the working environment and employment of socially disadvantaged people, families and those from vulnerable and minority groups, as well as the promotion of opportunities for a better life for the blind people in our country.

Project Target Group

The beneficiaries of BILLA's socially responsible policy are families with reproductive problems who are one step closer to the dream of parenthood; socially disadvantaged people to whom it provides free food; children deprived of parental care, taking first steps in gaining knowledge and competencies in the field of education/ employment; the blind people in our country, for whom it creates opportunities for better integration in society; families of injured/ killed law enforcement officers.

Project Duration

BILLA believes in long-standing partnerships that once launched, continue to develop. Financial donations to the beneficiaries are long-term and are made once annually. Other initiatives, such as the joint campaign with the Bulgarian Red Cross - "Buy and Donate", are developed throughout the year with current food donations from customers. They are complemented by certain products provided by the chain and then collected, stored and distributed through the network of the international charity.

Project Activities

The partnership with the “I Want a Baby” Foundation is being implemented for the 6th consecutive year, providing donations to families with reproductive problems to in vitro fertilization or other relevant medical procedures. For the 5th year the cooperation of the chain with the Bulgarian Red Cross continues. In 2021, it finds expression in the Buy and Donate initiative and the Hot Lunch program. The first involves placing a branded cart for donation of essential foods in all sites of the chain. In the second, through a donation, BILLA provides hot food for children from socially disadvantaged families aged 7-18 – during the 2021/2022 school year. Again through financial resources, the company confirms its nearly 10-year partnership with the Concordia Foundation, in support of the access to additional education and development of social skills for children, deprived of parental care, its 5-year cooperation with SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria, which contributes to the full development and training of children in foster families, and the 10-year partnership with the Ministry of Interior, for the benefit of the families of injured and killed law enforcement officers.

Project Results

With financial donations in 2021, BILLA supports: - 12 couples with reproductive problems: 24 children were born as a result of the partnership with the “I Want a Baby” Foundation - 700 children, aged 7-18 for the school year 21/22 under the Hot Lunch program - 20 children, aged 6-18, deprived of parental support, for whom the Concordia Foundation cares - 62 children, 0-18 in foster families in Sofia, Pernik, Breznik, Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo and Tryavna, with SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria - The activity of Success Metalcap SSB enterprise, 11 of whose employees have visual/other disabilities - 83 children of injured/killed employees of the Ministry of Interior. With over 23 tons basic foods from "Buy and Donate": - 2720 vulnerable people, 2965 beneficiaries in institutions.