Project - ICT Talents Training – Huawei SFTF Scholarship Program


Huawei Technologies Bulgaria


Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

The ICT Talents Training - Huawei SFTF Scholarship Program aims to identify the best students in the field of communication and information technology and provide them with an early start for career development. The IT sector is becoming increasingly attractive to young people and we want to give them the opportunities they need to develop in a real business environment. At Huawei, we believe that quality education should be accessible to all young people and they should be able to gain practical skills to successfully sow the seeds for their future. Our goal is to empower young talent to exchange views and knowledge with professionals in the ICT sector, providing them with the experience and mindset needed to be competitive for the jobs of the future.

Project Target Group

The target group of the project is students in Bulgaria, who are studying in technical specialties in the ICT sector and are up to 30 years old. The audience was reached with constant communication and exchange of experiences with higher education institutions in Bulgaria. Thanks to our cooperation with several top universities in Bulgaria, the project reached as many people as possible and deepened the students' knowledge in ICT.

Project Duration

SFTF is Huawei's leading socially responsible global program. The initiative was launched in 2008 in Thailand and has since provided development opportunities for over 8,700 talents in 130 countries in partnership with over 500 universities worldwide. In 2021, the program was held in Bulgaria, where 50 students were recognized for their achievements in information technology. The application was from October 1, 2021 to November 31, 2021. The winners were announced on December 15, 2021.

Project Activities

Organizing and conducting the ICT Talents Training - Huawei SFTF Scholarship Program included the development of online IT courses covering data communication, storage solutions, AI development, algorithms related to traditional machine learning, and much more. The courses were available to all 250 candidates who participated in the program so that they could learn new things from experts in the field. The students had to take a final test on the material which aims to select the best of them. During the project, Huawei communicated and exchanged experience with university rectors and numerous university professors so as to spread the information and opportunities offered by the program to the most talented and deserving young talents in information technology, as well as to provide opportunities for collaboration and the implementation of future projects for the benefit of students. At the end of the program, Huawei organized an official award ceremony held at the National Polytechnic Museum, where the winning students were handed their awards.

Project Results

As a result of the program, 50 Bulgarian students were recognized by Huawei for their contribution to the IT sector, each receiving a scholarship package worth EUR 2,000, which includes the latest Huawei matePad 11 tablet. In addition, the top ten students (Top 10 golden seeds) were given the chance of a professional start at Huawei. They deservedly won their place as interns at Huawei, where they will gain valuable experience and put their knowledge into practice. Thanks to the project, all participating students gained new knowledge about the latest innovations and smart technologies developed by experts in the field, which they will be able to apply in their future development.