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Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

Provide computers to children in need for homeschooling.

Project Target Group

Children from socially disadvantaged families benefit from the project. The project is directed outside the company. We reach the target group through recommendations from current employees who know families in need. We have reached over 1,300 people.

Project Duration

Community and Care are two of our core values. The project of donating used laptops to children in need relates excatly to the way we live our values. The duration of the project was about a year. For this period we donated more than 1300 laptops.

Project Activities

More than 30 employees with different roles took part in the campaign: - technical specialists, who cleaned and reinstalled the computers - managers who reviewed and prioritized donation cases - administrative assistants who contacted the persons approved by the managers for donation, organized donation meetings and donated computers - a great master who led the whole project and he finished successfully In addition to internal communication and information about the campaign, our cause was spread to many external sites.

Project Results

We have donated over 1,300 computers to children from socially disadvantaged families. This way, we gave them the opportunity to continue their education in an online environment during the pandemic. We received thank you letters from the children and their families.