Project - Grab a bite with a cause!



Award for Cause-related Marketing

Project description

Project Aim

The aim of the project is to promote the causes of children and families in disadvantaged situations and to encourage more people to get involved in charitable projects in general. We realise that for many of us charity is an activity that involves too much time and effort. With this project, we aim to show that charity initiatives can be a fun part of our everyday lives, where we participate with our relatives and friends and help people in need at the same time.

Project Target Group

Disadvantaged children and families in need are the direct financial beneficiaries of the project. Our partners from For Our Children Foundation receive additional promotion of their activities. Civil society in Bulgaria, to whom we present an alternative, fresh and integrated into everyday life way in which we can support a charitable cause.

Project Duration

This is the first edition of the project, but we intend to develop the idea in the future. The link to our overall CSR policy is the approach we are taking to show that charity can be part of our every day enjoyable activities - like going out and having a meal with friends, and charity projects themselves can be fresh and fun and at the same time - useful for those in need. Charity should be easily accessible to all, not the preserve of a minority.

Project Activities

We apply a holistic approach to our marketing strategy, where our projects related to socially responsible causes are an integral part of the company's overall marketing. We are involved in projects close to our area of expertise - projects explaining and promoting civil rights, supporting young talents, children and disadvantaged families. Our projects are long-term because we believe that systematic and simple steps in the right direction are the best way to the sustainable development of society. With this project, we aim to show that charity does not have to be tied to complex, one-off campaigns that are demanding and burdensome. It can be integrated into our daily activities through a fresh and accessible project. The master chefs in our team created the new burger – ‘The Lawyer’ and its vegetarian variation “The Veggie Lawyer”, which our partners at Skapto have incorporated into their menu. We created a fresh banner and video showing the burger preparation, featuring kids and fellow attorneys. We promoted the project on our social channels. During the month of June 2021, 10% of every burger sold was donated to For Our Children Foundation’s causes.

Project Results

The project successfully met its main objectives. It showed to a significant part of the civil society an entirely new approach to charity, namely - its integration into the most enjoyable part of everyday human activities - the time spent with family and friends. The project reached almost 10 000 people from different social groups, thus promoting not only this new type of charitable campaigns, but also making the cause of For Our Children Foundation better known. For the company's employees, the project had a unifying function. They had the opportunity to participate in the development of a socially significant project, and it was an occasion for new positive experiences with their family and friends. In one month 1203 burgers were sold, topping the rankings of our friends at Skapto.