Project - "Incredible Us"


Hewlett Packard Global Delivery Bulgaria Center


Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

Striving for business and society contribution, the mentoring program "Incredible Us" is a joint project of Global Delivery Center of Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Bulgaria and the NGO Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria, which offers opportunities for development through cooperation of experts and employees coming from the companies members of CWBB. The goals of the program are: •development of leadership skills •establishing and maintaining new contacts •sharing experiences •production of new ideas •providing support for the next career step The program focuses on the following areas: •Switching to virtual reality •Leading through change •Inclusion and diversity •Rising in challenging times •Project/people management •Human Resources •Corporate Social Responsibility

Project Target Group

The focus is on women, graduates from the Leadership Academy "We Succeed in Bulgaria" of CWBB and are members of the Alumni Club of the Leadership Academy, meeting a pre-set criteria: •2-year tenure in the current position •strive to complete a measurable goal by working with a mentor •have a career development plan •support the goals of CWBB The mentors are experts and leaders coming from companies members of CWBB, open to sharing their experience, resources, giving feedback, setting tasks

Project Duration

The idea was born in 2020. After the success of the forum "Incredible YOU", which won first place in the category "Investor in human capital and working conditions" at the 2019 Responsible Business Awards of BBLF, the joint work of HPE and CWBB continues. The outcome is the mentoring program "Incredible Us", which brings together companies that support the development of women in business. The pilot edition started in 2021 and lasted for 10 months.

Project Activities

•Project initiation:November 2020 •Identification of: aim; areas for development; participartion criteria and selection process; events; project work •Planning: task distribution; deadlines; logistics •Communication: recruiting participants; invitations to companies members of CWBB to nominate mentors; promotion on social networks and internal newsletters •Implementation: questionnaires for mentors and participants; selection; assigning an HPE coordinator to each pair Participating companies:18 Total number of participants:10 Total number of mentors:9 Number of HPE coordinators:10 3 virtual events: kick-off, pit-stop to track progress and closing For 10 months, the mentees work with a selected mentor on a pre-defined project. The mentees aim to complete the tasks set by their mentor, to accept and evaluate the received feedback The mentors define the measures for the success of the mentoring, monitor the progress of their mentee, share their experience and skills. The progress of the program is shared through: an interview with each mentoring couple, published on the social networks and CWBB website; regular publications and email communications to CWBB member companies

Project Results

Increased visibility of the employees from the participant companies and their potential; carrier and personal development; gaining experiences from other industries; new contacts. 4 participants took a next career step within the program. 5 successfully developed projects. The mentors managed to gain additional experience and try out different tools. During the event, mentees and mentors exchanged resources and contacts, which led to the creation of a community for knowledge and skills sharing. Positive feedback: •100% satisfaction with the program •100% of the participants would recommend the program These results led to a decision to launch a second edition. The program helped to: •Promote the activities of CWBB and their mission •Continue the partnership between HPE and CWBB