Project - STEMICO Smart games



Overall CSR policy of SME

Project description

Project Aim

To create the first Bulgarian STEM educational kits, combining STEM, DIY and PBL for kids on conceptual projects of students from the Department of Engineering Design at Тechnical University, Sofia, driven by our desire to help parents and children spend quality time together while working and studying from home, and fulfil students' ideas in a real business environment.

Project Target Group

Product design: students from Technical University, Sofia – practical application of academic knowledge. Production: The entire team of NLP Bulgaria, for the development of skills beyond the core business of the company. Clients: schools, NGOs and companies with corporate socially responsible behavior, committed to the work-life balance of their employees. End user: children from 4 to16 y/o.

Project Duration

We started in 2020 and we created 13 educational kits. In 2021 we held a competition for the design of STEM toys at the Technical University of Sofia with cash prizes and internships in NLP Bulgaria, and in 2022 we continue the planned long-term partnership with the new edition with a Master's Scholarship Award at the Technical University. We plan extending the partnership program to other schools and universities.

Project Activities

The competition at the Technical University started on 12.2.2021 with a group meeting with the students of Engineering design at Technical University, Sofia. Until its final on 1.6.2021 we held a series of meetings and workshops with the participants to finalize the prototypes. The winners of the competition were chosen by a focus group of 70 children. The production of the selected projects started in June and was accompanied by a campaign for promotion on social networks, as well as through participation in the 1st National Conference "STEM Education and Innovation", Forum "Education in Bulgaria", the International Scientific Conference "Archimedes and Diomedes" and Art Bazaar. In September we donated toys to charity Lions clubs to organize training campaigns for kids in Sofia, Vidin and Pleven. Since November the toys have been offered to companies clients of NLP Bulgaria for Christmas gifts for the children of their employees, and we have organized a series of Christmas parties, where we demonstrated to the kids the scientific principles behind the educational toys.

Project Results

The students from the Technical University participated in the initiative and received a practical opportunity to develop their conceptual projects.The winners were hired for an internship at NLP Bulgaria. More than 1000 children received smart toys and a number of companies demonstrated Corporate social responsibility through offering a gift for their employees, uniting children and parents. With the presentation of STEMICO Smart Games at a number of scientific and educational forums we developed interest in the STEM methodology and the chance to include toys in private and public education in Bulgaria.