Project - Together for Nature



Investor in Environment

Project description

Project Aim

The educational campaign "Together for Nature" was held with the aim to encourage consumers to return refilling glass bottles of beer to retail outlets, as a way to reduce the environmental footprint of the company and contribute to the protection of natural resources and the environment. Glass is a 100% recyclable material that can be used up to 50 times in the beer production process. The initiative is part of Carlsberg's long-term commitment to global sustainability. For years, the Carlsberg Group has been developing the "Together towards Zero" campaign, which has 4 main areas - zero carbon footprint; zero wastewater; responsible drinking and zero accidents at work.

Project Target Group

The main target group is beer consumers, as studies show that the problems with the return of the glass are due to personal example and motivation to return the bottles to the sites. Of course, there are other factors - such as insufficient infrastructure; logistical difficulties, ignorance of the topic and changed consumer habits due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Target groups also included company employees, the media and industry representatives.

Project Duration

The campaign lasted 4 calendar weeks - from 19.07. to 15.08., taking place in 60 retail outlets in Kaufland Bulgaria. The project is part of Carlsberg's long-term platform for sustainability "Together Towards Zero", which consists of 4 ambitions: zero carbon footprint, zero wastewater, zero irresponsible drinking and zero accidents. Each of them is supported by measurable goals to be achieved by 2022 and 2030.

Project Activities

According to the mechanics of activation, during the campaign every user who returned 6 refilling glass bottles from Carlsberg Bulgaria's portfolio to the "Information" point in a selected store of the Kaufland chain in the country, received a scratch card with a unique promo code with which he could play for prizes - one of a total of 240 vouchers for shopping worth BGN 50 or participate in a raffle for the grand prize, which was a voucher for shopping in Kaufland for BGN 500. To enter the prize game, the user had to register the unique promo code from your scratch card on the website, which was created especially for the campaign. In addition to the landing page, we also had information posters, as well as a television and communication campaign, which included: a TV clip; two press releases; two educational infographics; PR materials and posts on social networks (Facebook and LinkedIn). The scratch cards distributed in the campaign are over 200,000, and the collected bottles - nearly 300,000.

Project Results

Carlsberg's Green Together for Nature initiative managed to encourage thousands of Bulgarian consumers to return to the market almost 300,000 revolving glass bottles that will be reused in beer production. The amount of bottles collected is equal to 90,000 kg of carbon savings that would have been generated if consumers had used the same amount of disposable beer bottles. Returning this amount of bottles also saves energy, which is equal to: • Nearly 92 years of computer work; • 184 years of lighting with 100 W bulb; • 30 years of washing machine operation; Reusing each bottle reduces air pollution by up to 10 times