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Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

In 2021 for the second year in a row FANTASTICO and UNICEF joined forces in the "Education for every child" campaign, which aims to raise funds for the development of the first inclusive educational platform in Bulgaria Its establishment started in 2020, and in 2021 the Education for Every Child campaign continued to provide funding for its development and upgrading. There are more than 26,000 children with special educational needs in the preschool and school education system. All of them need training tailored to their specific needs. The platform provides free educational and therapeutic resources, aiming to facilitate the interaction between specialists (resource teachers, psychologists, speech therapists), teachers, parents, and children.

Project Target Group

It is expected that the platform will initially support about 3,300 children with special needs, 500 professionals, and at least 200 parents.The platform aims to provide long-term and sustainable support that will eventually cover the majority of children with disabilities in the country.The platform creation campaign was supported by BNT, BTV, BGradio, Net Info, and many others, and through various digital channels, the information about the platform has reached hundreds of thousands of people.

Project Duration

"Education for Every Child" Initiative was held between 02.12.21 - 05.01.22 for the second year in a row. Chain’s customers participated through "active" donations of BGN 1 or a larger sum. Last year, BGN 170,476 and this year BGN 225,255 were donated for the creation and development of the platform The campaign is part of a series of donation campaigns in FANTASTICO supermarkets to support different organizations (UNICEF, SOS Children's Villages, I Can Too, Ole Male)

Project Activities

Activities to promote the donation campaign “Education for Every Child”: - Preparing communication material design; - Making and disseminating printed information materials: weekly brochure of 400 000 copies, posters, wobblers, etc., for all 45 supermarkets of the chain; - Promoting the cause in all digital channels of partners –,, partners’ social network profiles in Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., and outreaching hundreds of thousands of online users; - Radio adds in supermarkets outreaching 100 000 customers daily; - Media publications and participations in TV shows, including with national coverage: BNT, bTV, BG Radio, Net Info,,, etc.; - In-house education for proper implementation of the campaign by over 700 cashiers; - Daily analysis of the campaign implementation results.

Project Results

BGN 225,255 were donated in support of the "Education for Every Child" campaign by FANTASTICO clients in the period 02.12.2021. - 05.01.2022. With previous year's donations (BGN 170,476), the total funding for the platform is BGN 395,731. The platform was developed, tested, and became operational at the start of this school year, being integrated into the overall database of resources of the Ministry of Education and Science. The platform has already been visited by over 6,000 users, 357 specialists, and 29 children are registered to access specific resources. 135 specialists from all over the country have been trained to work with the platform. Platform’s upgraded resources will expand the opportunities of children with SEN throughout the country for additional support, especially in a pa