Project - "Hands up for your legs actively”



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Project description

Project Aim

For the third consecutive year, Servier and, together with the Bulgarian National Society of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery and Angiology (BNSVESA), are organizing the campaign "Hands up for your legs". The national information campaign aims to acquaint the public with chronic venous disease (CVD) - symptoms and risks. The disease begins at an early age and is often untreated, leading to serious consequences such as blood clots, which lead to severe conditions. In 2021, in the conditions of a pandemic, the campaign became even more important precisely because of the increased immobility, due to the long stagnation at home. That is why the word "active" was added to the campaign slogan - as a sign of the strong need for an active lifestyle - "Hands up for your legs actively."

Project Target Group

According to a large global study, CVD affects more than 50% of people, with women suffering twice as much as men due to hormonal imbalances and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy. Everyone who stays or works in the same position for a long time is endangered. Among the risk factors are heredity, obesity, alcohol abuse, etc. The trend shows that more and more people are affected by CVD, but do not take timely measures.

Project Duration

For more than 25 years, Servier has worked closely with BNSVESA on the mission to improve the quality of life of CVD patients. In 2021, in 7 months, the "Hands up for your legs actively” campaign was held for the 3. year, building on the activities of previous years, including specially selected opinion leaders and the exclusive #TravelWithAMission initiative, which challenged society to walk 10 mill. steps in the name of active lifestyle by selected routes in Bulgaria and learn more about CVD

Project Activities

At a press conference, the Board of BNSVESA presented the campaign, the need for it and the benefits of raising awareness about CVD. Actress Alex Sarchadzhieva, face of the campaign and travel blogger Eli Ivanova, introduced the new initiative - #TravelWithAMission. In a special FB group for 3 months, we published weekly routes from Bulgaria, with a call to peolple to take part in the name of an active lifestyle and awareness of CVD. By sharing photos from their pedometers, everyone had the opportunity to become part of #TeamWithAMission! Goal - 10 mill. steps. Free preventive examinations were conducted in 25 cities - 7 more than in 2020, specialists participated in a number of health programs, we published educational articles and interviews with specialists. Influencers supported the campaign with content related to the prevention of CVD. Especially for the campaign, the captivating dance "Krachenitsa" was created - a combination of movements and steps, designed to move the legs for good venous tone. Part of the campaign was the event "Barefoot Walk", and those present participated in various activities, studied and danced "Krachenitsa" and received advice from specialists.

Project Results

The press conference, which launched the campaign, gathered more than 60 media representatives - online and 20 participants on site, in accordance with all health measures. FB group #TravelWithAMission gathered over 1300 people who shared their steps and interesting routes in Bulgaria. Preventative examinations covered 25 cities across the country (7 more than 2020). The examined patients were 1287, of which 87% (1166) were diagnosed with CVD. The “Barefoot Walk” event brought together hundreds of Sofia residents who got acquainted with the mission of the campaign and took part in the “Krachenitsa” dance and in all sports activities and on-site examinations by specialists. As a result of all online and offline activities we reached 777,814 people - TV 534,240; online publications 243 574