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Diversity at Work

Project description

Project Aim

At HPE, we believe business success is directly tied to our team members' diverse experience, skills and background. Our Diversity & Inclusion Program (D&I) aims to foster unconditional inclusivity via 4 impact areas: building a culture of inclusion, speaking up for others, breaking down barriers, reaching beyond HPE In 2021, for the HPE Sofia Site we aligned to these goals by furthering inclusion on external and internal levels and engaging our unique talents despite the virtual work challenges. We have continued our work on creating an open-minded environment by embracing all diverse talents and ramping up collaboration onsite and outside HPE. We lived with our values as champions of diversity and inclusivity which in turn makes us a naturally recognized preferred employer and partner.

Project Target Group

Target group are all (1500+) team members in Bulgaria. Apart from them, in line with our advancing inclusion and breaking down barriers goals, aiming community impact, we created external projects with partners to include and enable opportunities for different groups (in 2021 these were people with different/diverse abilities, LGBT+ community and young talented girls). Panel discussions, webinars, mentoring sessions are preferred formats with average engagement of 10% of team members per event.

Project Duration

D&I is an long-term program for HPE. In 2021 in addition to the ongoing local projects within D&I we focused on launching several new ones (recurring). These projects align with supporting and advancing inclusion and diversity by partnering externally to include different social groups mentioned above and further enhance our culture by providing our team members with opportunities to increase their awareness, knowledge and diversify their experience by fostering collaboration and communication.

Project Activities

HPE Bulgaria Abilities Talks: What We Gain When We Lose - full day forum hosted by DNB, open internally & externally, creating awareness on the importance of equity and amplify the stories of people with different abilities, highlighing their challenges and triumphs. #BetterTogether joins the capabilities of all RGs to further inclusion - YEN and W@W partnered with Trotoara foundation on Epic Girls, a project creating positive role model experiences for talented teenage girls. The online forum offered girls exposure to the professional stories of HPE women, their experience, advice and encouragement on the girls' education and career choices. Sofia Pride - annually supported by HPE and with #BetterTogether further expands HPE's dialogue on diversity, equity and inclusion. Team members were welcome to take part while also benefitting from an open discussion offered by YEN and Sofia Pride's organizers and Movie Afteroons@Home with Sofia Pride Film Fest, Bilitis, GLAS, Deystvie and Single Step shared their common cause and campaigns for the LGBT+ community, highlighting achievements and challenges in their work on inclusion as well as ways HPE team members can support the community.

Project Results

We see beneficial changes in the local culture: - further establishment of HPE as D&I champion - enriching the company's D&I narrative - increase awareness & encouragement of inclusive mindset - integration of target groups & communities - forging new longterm partnerships We do have some metrics aside from the excellent feedback received (attached): - HPE Bulgaria Abilities Talks - 141 guests, live sign language translation, 4.91/5 content added value & 4.81/5 time investment relevance; 100% interest to join similar events in future - Epic Girls - 6 young female talents; 2 female professionals from HPE - HPE in support of LGBT+ Community and Sofia Pride Initiatives - 172 participants, 4.93/5 satisfaction