Project - Connectivity that matters



Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

Around the world in 2020, an unprecedented state of emergency was imposed. Within a very short period of time, we had to develop concepts for our company to protect the employees and maintain the work process. This has posed new challenges for all of us. Not only in the current situation but in the entire work of our management and HR team, it has always been important to maintain the satisfaction of the team and its motivation to go through the challenges together. Therefore it was necessary to react in a timely manner and create conditions to maintain the health and keep our employees calm and motivated - this was the big challenge. The decisions were complex and in many aspects - health, social, legal, organizational and regarding communication.

Project Target Group

Our current employees were the core target. Potential ones were secondary publics. Internal communication used many channels: In order to play down tension, we were constantly explaining and discussing safety measures. We have internal communication channels about current developments and upcoming changes. We have newsletters, video screens and information boards, an internal Facebook group where each employee can share an opinion, idea or ask a question. Feedback happened right away.

Project Duration

R&M Bulgaria Production has a strong culture of social corporate responsibility. Our motto is Connectivity that matters. We stick to it in our CSR initiatives, and the actions are aimed at both employees and external audiences - nationally and locally. The care for employees, people and families in need, as well as for our educational programs is long standing and the crisis has not hindered their development. The duration of the specific project is from March 2020 and continues to this day.

Project Activities

R&M Bulgaria Production complies with all safety measures, regulations and recommendations of the Bulgarian Ministry of Healthcare. Wearing protective masks and keeping distance are mandatory. During the pandemic we didn’t have to lay off staff, on the contrary - we hired new staff. We communicated in and out through media appearances such as interviews and communication of our educational initiatives: the Engineering Academy and the DOMINO dual education program. We have 15 articles, interviews and a radio interview about the measures. Since March we have carried out testing once every 10 days of the whole team in a bid to identify infected staff and avoid outbreaks. We provide protection kits, disinfectants and carry out disinfection of the building every morning. We even carry out antigen testing for timely decisions and for the team to feel safe. We have kept our social package: organized transportation by taxi after the second shift; monthly Multisport cards; two additional days of paid leave for mothers of children up to 6 years; extra health insurance; annual medical checks, gifts for holidays, a canteen in the factory and food for home; team building activities.

Project Results

Freedom of thought is an immanent human attitude. Nobody likes to live with bans or be forced to comply with mandatory measures. And now the situation demanded just that. "The basis of R&M's success in Bulgaria is teamwork, cooperation, respect, good communication and sharing different points of view before making a final decision," said Stanka Stoyanova, Human Resources Manager of the company. “Our department built a new kind of dialogue with people under the new circumstances, and this dialogue proved very effective. The success of our anti-crisis program is also due to this communication. Proof of this is the recognition and the first prize we received at the Employer Branding Awards 2021 of b2b Media in the category HR strategy of the year in a pandemic.”