Project - Donation of monthly fees for the fight against COVID-19




Award for Cause-related Marketing

Project description

Project Aim

In March 2020 our country entered a state of emergency due to COVID-19 - a situation that put the state and the health system in danger of a crisis of funds and resources to combat the infection. Bulgarian medics took the brunt of the virus, risking their own health and finding themselves isolated from their families. At that time, the moral and financial support of society was very important to them. VIVACOM has initiated a campaign in support of physicians to donate twice the amount of the first monthly fee for each requested service in April 2020.

Project Target Group

The project benefited the 3 hospitals that received the donation from the first monthly fees for April - the University General Hospital "St. Anna" in Sofia, the University General Hospital "Dr. Georgi Stranski" - Pleven and the hospital of Blagoevgrad. The target group of the project covers a wide range of users aged 18+, current or potential new customers for the company, who can activate an online service from VIVACOM through the online store

Project Duration

The project lasted for 1 month and is part of the overall social responsibility policy of the company. At the beginning of the pandemic, VIVACOM became involved in supporting physicians and hospitals across the country.

Project Activities

The communication campaign for the initiative was implemented in the period 2-30.04.2020 in the following channels: 1. Television - 30 sec. TV clip broadcast in the period 2-24.04.2020 in the channels Nova, Diema, Diema Family, Kino Nova, Fox Life, Fox Crime, FOX, National Geographic, NAT GEO WILD, 24 Kitchen, AXN, City TV, Discovery Channel, TLC , ID, Channel 3, Planeta TV 2. Outdoor advertising in the period 6-19.04.2020 a. Billboards and billboards b. Advertising in the subway in Sofia 3. Digital advertising in the period 2-25.04.2020. a. BTV Video Network, Netinfo Video Network, Netinfo Network - TTL Rotation, SMG ( +,,,, b. Google Ads Search & Display Campaigns, YouTube In-Stream Campaigns, Facebook Website Ads & Insta Stories Campaigns, Facebook & Instagram Video Ads Campaigns 4. Advertising in the store network of VIVACOM - 7-40.04.2020.

Project Results

Thanks to the initiative, a total of BGN 300,000 was raised, which were donated equally to 3 hospitals in the country - UMHAT "St. Anna" in Sofia, UMHAT "Dr. Georgi Stranski" - Pleven and MHAT - Blagoevgrad. As part of the donation for UMHAT St. Anna was provided with a modern disinfection robot that moves autonomously and uses an innovative cleaning system. It has the capacity to sterilize large rooms and can replace standard disinfection with formaldehyde products, providing protection against various types of viruses. The donations managed to help the medics in their fight against the infection and to provide financial resources for additional medical supplies and equipment.