Project - Taking care of families – NEW PARENTAL POLICY!


Danone Serdika


Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

People have always been Danone's "heart" and the company takes great care of its employees through various initiatives, one of which is the project with a focus on parenthood. The so-called "Parental Policy" started in 2017 in Bulgaria and follows the principles and mission of the global initiative, through which Danone aims to create unique conditions for future and current parents in the company. The main goal of the project is to help new parents at this stage in their lives, to make the transition when returning to work much easier, as well as to ensure an ideal balance between personal and professional life of employees.

Project Target Group

The project is aimed at all of Danone’s employees – future and current parents.

Project Duration

The project is a long-term initiative of Danone, which started locally in 2017. The initiative supports parents in their journey before the birth of their children, but also throughout the period after their company, thus ensuring their satisfaction and offering a full balance between personal and professional life.

Project Activities

The company is committed to the cause to provide maximum support to parents in this new period of their life. Therefore, for each phase, the project includes various activities, including: 1) Future parents: - Special precautions in the workplace for pregnant women, including flexible working hours and conditions or assign the employee to another job; - Perinatal advice - a special careline, a website and Facebook groups to help future parents with useful information; - Allowed time-off at full pay to attend their pre-natal medical examinations during working hours. 2) Maternity leave: - One off bonus 1000 EUR gross minimum, per newborn child for employees with a salary below BGN 2,000. Employees with a salary over BGN 1,000 receive one gross salary; - Compensation to full salary for the period of sick leave during maternity, as the difference is paid by Danone Serdica; - Medical and risk insurance; - Keep connection with parents and involve them in internal activities; 3) Return to work: - Induction program and series of trainings; - Individual coaching sessions; - Flexible working hours according to family needs; - Breastfeeding room and rest room for mothers.

Project Results

The biggest result achieved by the campaign is the long-term commitment and satisfaction of employees. А true proof of this is the fact that the majority of those working in the company are long-term employees, and the turnover for the past year is only 1%.