Project - Jump2IT Training program 2020



Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

Accenture joins forces with experienced trainers from SkillsAssembly and ITCE in the second edition of their joint socially responsible project – Jump2IT. The program aims at improving the employment opportunities for people with no previous experience in IT, motivated to build a career in the industry. They gain knowledge and skills in two tracks – Software Quality Assurance and Front-end Engineering. In addition to tech skills, the program is also focused on soft skills, like communication and adaptation to the work environment, teamwork, time management and prioritization. The project is fully sponsored by Accenture and SkillsAssembly. The participants are prepared for realization on the IT market in general. The organizers do not provide them with an open position among their teams.

Project Target Group

The training program is designed for people motivated to transform their career. It is aimed fully at non-specialists with no previous experience and yet great interest in the IT field. It is designed to help them gain the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies for a successful start of their tech career. What makes Jump2IT training program different from all other academies and trainings is that the program graduates are job-ready for realization on the market.

Project Duration

The 2nd edition of the Jump2IT 2020 is implemented in the period May 11 – July 31, 2020, within a total of 13 weeks. Initially, the training modules are planned to be fully present. Given the introduction of a state of emergency in the country, as a result from the Covid-19 pandemic, all modules are successfully transformed into a series of online sessions, of which: 91 training, 5 career, 7 additional ones (over 300 training hours) and 3 retrospective team meetings, in the end of the program.

Project Activities

The application process is carried out in a few steps. There are no specific requirements for age, origin and education. Successful candidates have no previous experience in IT but possess strong ambition to pursue career in the field and Intermediate English language skills. 30 people attend the program, divided into 2 groups of 15 people, each one with a different professional track. This solution allows implementation of individual approach by the lectors – experienced professionals with a career in the IT industry. The Software Quality Assurance program acquaints the participants with the whole process behind creating an application and the methods used to promote the overall quality of the final product. The Front-end Engineering track allows the students to learn to leverage HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other industry leading development languages. In addition to the necessary tech skills, Jump2IT also focuses on essential soft skills. At the end of the program, the graduates receive certificates of completion certifying the acquired knowledge and skills. They also meet qualified HR specialists and IT company leaders who help them in the process of finding a new job.

Project Results

The program includes 30 people from various fields, including cinema, television and tourism. The two professional tracks unite 13 men and 17 women, among whom – 2 mothers. To the beginning of the project, none of them has previous experience in the IT field. After the end of the program, the results are convincing – 7 of the SQA graduates and 4 of the students in the FEE field have successfully started their careers in international IT companies. In addition to the corporate social responsibility, the project also reflects another core value of Accenture – the policy of inclusion and diversity, as well as intolerance of discrimination based on gender, race and other human characteristics. It is established both globally and locally.