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Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

The spread of COVID-19 has become a stress test for the resilience of countries and companies around the world. At Kaufland Bulgaria, the test proved the key role of our business for the society and our stability as an employer. We are responsible not only for the over 6400 directly employed persons, but also for their families. The unusual 2020 added additional will and desire to upgrade our care policies. Against the background of the general insecurity in the country and around the world in Kaufland Bulgaria we created conditions for our colleagues to work peacefully. We invested over 2 million BGN in providing a safe working environment and personal protective equipment, we did not make any redundancies, on the contrary - we invested over 10 million BGN in salary increases and appoin

Project Target Group

The implemented projects are aimed at the entire over 6400 employees of the company in its three structures - store network, central warehouse and service office, in order to ensure their health and safety in times of crisis and for them to be motivated to continue to perform their duties responsibly. At the same time, the measures taken aim to provide psychological support to both employees and their families to cope with the challenges of the new reality.

Project Duration

We offer secure and stable labour, competitive remuneration and a wide range of social benefits, ongoing training (an average of 6 per year for each person) and career opportunities. These are part of established practices in our long-term strategy for human capital development. In an unprecedented year, they were upgraded with a focus on employee health, personal motivation and security. In a state of emergency, Kaufland reacts mostly as a leader in caring for people.

Project Activities

Even before the state of emergency, we started with security measures for the team. We became the first chain with an integrated anti-virus campaign - #IHelp to give guidelines for responsible shopping, but above all to thank our colleagues. We did it by investing in anti-epidemic measures, we supported the team financially, but we also showed purely human support. All first-line workers were provided with safeguards during a period of global shortage, vitamins and fresh fruit, as well as a financial bonus for employee loyalty in the worst first weeks of the crisis. An annual increase in the salaries of the employees in the stores was realized. An internal telephone line has been set up for questions related to the pandemic and psychological support. A series of activities was launched - a week to combat stress, health, lectures on balanced nutrition, sports and mental health, not only for employees but also for their families. Trainings to develop personal qualities to make it easier to deal with the crisis have begun. Motivated and personally committed to the cause, our "superheroes" stood with their faces in the "Rely on us" campaign, through which they addressed their message

Project Results

At the end of the first lockdown period in the country, the company reported a drop in morbidity below last year's level and the preservation of the workplace of all employees. A comprehensive internal study on the adequacy, timeliness and effect of the measures taken in the pandemic is forthcoming in March. In general, our long-term strategy for human capital development allows us to maintain a sustainable and qualified team over time. As of June 2020, 56.4% of the employees in the hypermarkets, 52.4% of the employees in the Central Warehouse and 63.9% of those in the Administrative Office have been working in the company for over 3 years, and over 80% of our executives are internally promoted, which optimizes the long-term investment in human resource development.