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Project description

Project Aim

Kaulfand Bulgaria has a long-term commitment to limiting single-use plastics, preventing their use, more recycling and more sustainable packaging. Sustainable change requires awareness of the basics of the problem and the possible alternatives. That is why it is important for us that our supporters in this cause increase in numbers. In 2020, we stood side by side with "Raketa" publishing house in the initiative to have the children's book on environmental education "Where does the garbage go?" published in Bulgarian. Because we believe that it is the youngest who have the greatest power to change things for the better.

Project Target Group

According to its author, "What a waste?" is for children over 7, but according to the publishers, and in our opinion, the book is also for their parents. Through curious but shocking facts about where the waste goes, through lots of useful tips and good examples of environmental responsibility - in fun and instructive illustrations the book teaches both young and old how everyone can contribute to a cleaner planet.

Project Duration

The premiere of "What a waste?" took place within the "Book Alley - Sofia" in September. Subsequently, the book was available in bookstores across the country, as well as online. From 21st September the book is also available and in Kaufland hypermarkets.

Project Activities

In 2020 Kaufland Bulgaria has upgraded its efforts in the fight against single-use plastics with an educational project for children - the book on environmental issues "What a waste?". The decision is due to the company's desire to win more and more supporters for the cause and because of the conviction that the path to big change starts with the youngest. That's why Kaufland supported “Raketa” Publishing House so that the hit title of Jess French, an environmentalist and veterinarian, could be made available in Bulgarian. In a fun and accessible way, the educational book introduces children to the topics of irresponsible waste disposal and our impact on nature. Part of the circulation of the title enters the Kaufland hypermarkets in the entire country. It is also available in bookstores and online. The chain and the publishing house donated the title to libraries in the country, implement a joint promotional campaign in the media, social networks and their own channels, including in the chain's customer brochure, which reaches almost every household. We are working to integrate part of the content of "What a waste?" in a workshop of the same name in "Muzeiko".

Project Results

The sales of the book justify the company's decision to support its publication, although the decision was not motivated by commercial objectives and is in the context of Schwarz Gruppe's REset Plastic strategy, of which Kaufland is a part, against plastic pollution. The project was also met with great interest among the Kaufland group of countries, some of which are also interested in the book being published in their language.