Project - School Principals Management Academy 2020-2021


PricewaterhouseCoopers Bulgaria


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Project description

Project Aim

School Principals Management Academy aims to develop key management skills of Bulgarian school leaders. As part of their in-service training, they are well-prepared to perform their administrative tasks. However, they do not receive any support to strengthen their leadership capacity and to manage their schools and teams effectively. The Academy is led by Education Bulgaria 2030. Within the programme business managers from responsible companies help school leaders boost their leadership skills by sharing their knowledge, good practices and tools, applied in the business environment. As a result, principals develop their skills to lead school teams to higher results and to improve school and students performance.

Project Target Group

The target group of the Academy are all school principals in Bulgaria. With the support of MoES, Regional Education Offices and partner NGO organizations the open call invitation has reached all schools. 84 principals applied for the Academy and 36 were selected for this year's edition.

Project Duration

This year the duration of the Academy is 5 months. PwC Bulgaria participated in 1 training module, held in November. The project is linked to the PwC’s mission to support the educational sphere and the Bulgarian talents through scholarships, mentoring and career opportunities. In 2019, under the patronage of President Radev, PwC organized the competition for Bulgarian teachers "The Most Important Lesson". In 2018, PwC organized the students' campaign "Your 25 Reasons to Choose Bulgaria".

Project Activities

School Principal Management Academy 2020 organization stages: ● Dissemination of the open call for applications to all schools in Bulgaria; ● A selection committee of 6 participants (including partnering NGOs and MoES experts) evaluates applications and selected 36 participants; ● Methodology design for 3 training modules and for additional special events/webinars based on participants’ needs; ● 3 full-day training modules for school leaders management skills development were held. They consist of 5 sessions, led by HPE and PwC managers; ● Throughout the programme, the participants work in small groups to support each other in implementing the practices and instruments presented in the training session. The groups meet regularly; ● January 2021: A final event for promoting good management practices from our participants. Awarding of certificates for participation

Project Results

We monitor the progress of all participants supervising the ongoing work of the support groups and regularly collecting feedback from participants. They share that: - they have improved their management skills regarding team motivation and communication; conflict management; giving and receiving feedback; tasks and time management and responsibilities delegation; - they apply the instruments and good practices shared by the business lecturers; - they feel more confident and competent to lead their teams; - their communication with business managers shifts their views to a different perspective on their role as leaders leading schools towards transformation.