Project - DEVIN BeeOdiversity



Investor in Environment

Project description

Project Aim

The purity of the water that Bulgarians consume is extremely important when choosing a brand. We have found an innovative and green way to further monitor the cleanliness around our spring and at the same time contribute to the protection of bees. In a unique for Bulgaria project, bees monitor the biodiversity and the surrounding area around the protected water zone, from which the DEVIN spring water is extracted.

Project Target Group

Bulgarian consumers

Project Duration

Each quarter of the year.

Project Activities

We analyze the pollen harvested around the spring for over 500 parameters including the presence of pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals but also for biodiversity, health of the bees and the quality of the environment. This is how we track the purity of the surrounding area. Based on the results of pollen, we decide what actions to take to preserve and maintain the diversity of pacifier species in the surrounding area around the spring. The bees also serves as an early warning monitoring system, as well as as a helper for eventual measures, which are intended to prevent pollution of the region. The second main goal of the project is to increase the awareness of the local community on the current state of the environment.

Project Results

The annual report for 2020 from the conducted analyzes shows complete absence of pesticides and heavy metals in the pollen collected from the surrounding area for all quarters. DEVIN Spring is the first Bulgarian water brand to make additional efforts to monitor the quality of the environment around its spring with the help of bees, thus working to save them from extinction. Something interesting that the analyzes show: specific for the spring in the Rhodopes is the presence of more than 80% of wild (uncultivated) plant species, including the mass presence of St. John’s wort, oak and yarrow. Thanks to the pollen, it has been established that one of the protected plant species in the whole of Europe, the perennial herbaceous plant Persicaria bistorta, is found in the area of the spring.