Project - Kozloduy NPP and Nature in Coexistence



Investor in Environment

Project description

Project Aim

The project was inspired by both the motto of Kozloduy NPP, "Clean Energy", and the 2020 World Environment Day, "Time for nature". Its aim was to use the expressive means of photography to showcase the biodiversity abundance in the region around the nuclear power plant and to stress on the role of environmentally friendly electricity generation as a factor for its conservation.

Project Target Group

The target group of this initiative were Kozloduy NPP employees and members of their families, local community and guests of the town, partners of the nuclear power plant and the general public.

Project Duration

January through December 2020

Project Activities

Conservation of the environment has been a sustainable policy of Kozloduy NPP finding expression in annual initiatives related to the celebration of the World Environment Day, the Danube Day, the International Day of Treeplanting, etc. The participants in the competition were plant employees and some family members contributing over 200 photos depicting the biodiversity of the area surrounding the nuclear power plant involving four protected areas of the Pan-European network NATURE 2000. Many protected species (birds, mammals, insects, flowers, etc.) were captured in the photographers' lenses. The project consisted of the following key activities: announcing the competition and collecting photos from the participants; evaluation and communication of the results, using photos from the competition to arrange a mobile exhibition with interesting information about the depicted animal and plant species on the occasion of the World Environment Day, 5 June; producing a calendar of 2021, and an album with photos from the competition.

Project Results

Kozloduy NPP aligns its consistent efforts towards the protection and improvement of the quality of the environment, which also finds expression in the Company’s membership in the UN Global Compact. Among the UNGC fundamentals is taking initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility. The project effectively focused public attention on biological diversity and the role of clean energy for the protection and sustainable development of the ecosystems in the region.