Project - 'Work That Fits Your Life' program as part of the HPE Work-life Balance strategy



Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

At HPE, we believe that our work is not our entire life-it must fit harmoniously into it. Our main goal is having a balanced integration between personal and professional life, providing additional value to employees, helping them decrease the stress, improve their experience and increase positive emotions. Through the program we support our employees in what is most important for them, at the different stages of their life-a new family member, returning to work, retirement, loss of a family member. Thus, we encourage well-being and ensure security and balance so that they build a long-term career with us, maintain trust in the company and together we build up a successful developing corporate culture. The policies part of the program are described in the section 'project activities'.

Project Target Group

The program is accessible to all employees and they have flexibility in the way they use these provided opportunities and benefits. We initiate and conduct internal training sessions to get the employees acquainted to the programs, explain and discuss their concerns through various channels: workshops, introductory and regular sessions, newsletters. The employees have constant access to all internal resources, as well as the opportunity to contact an internal consultant if necessary.

Project Duration

The 'Work That Fits Your Life' program was lаunched in 2019. It is a tool for implementing a strategy that focuses on employees' well-being. The program is available all year-round and it is part of the company's DNA. The year of 2020 is the first full year of its implementation and the program is one of the main long-term goals for HPE.

Project Activities

-Paid parental leave: 26 weeks paid leave after giving a birth/adoption of a child for mothers and fathers (adoptive parents) at 100% monthly remuneration. Thus, employees have the time and opportunity to devote themselves to looking after the family -Support for smooth return to work: parents who want a relaxed regime and reduced working hours - an opportunity to gradually separate from the child and to restore their work rhythm -Support for employees with early retirement up to 1 year. Targeted facilitation of the transition from part-time work for a certain period. We support the transition from working to non-working mode and maintain acceptability -Wellness Fridays: 1 Friday of the month employees finish work 3 hours earlier. Thus, we encourage them to participate in volunteering initiatives, to focus on their physical or emotional health, to spend time on hobbies, personal or career development, or to dedicate time to their families and themselves. This time is paid at 100% and not worked off. - Support in case of bereavement: 10 days paid leave -Unconditional work from home: in the Covid-19 context, anyone who feels insecure about working from the office can work remote

Project Results

* stable positioning of the company on the market * appropriate reorganization of the internal company business processes * maintaining and increasing the work motivation, efficiency and effectiveness * increasing the employees' engagement * trend of a gradual decreasing of the turnover and increasing retention * benefitting directly the employees' families and relatives * building up the trust in the company * taking care of the employees' physical and mental stability * increasing the number of employees willing to take advantage of a paid parental leave * 100% absorption of the Wellness Friday policy