Project - Conducting online trainings "Emotional intelligence in a business context"



Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

The aim of the project is to conduct in-house corporate online training "Emotional intelligence in a business context" in order to acquire new knowledge and skills for psychological resilience and coping with VUCA (instability, uncertainty, complexity and insecurity) of the modern world in the context of Covid-19 by actively engaging people with visual impairments.

Project Target Group

All employees of the company.

Project Duration

The duration is 3 months. Our commitment coupled with the acknowledgement of the impact our business model has on the world defines our corporate social responsibility strategy. It is of vital importance that we not only take responsibility for our actions as a company but invest in our future as a community. It is for that reason that we have chosen to support a number of causes both globally and locally to ensure we are able to make an impact where it is most needed.

Project Activities

The organized online trainings covered over 50 participants.

Project Results

Business needs not only a mind, but also a heart. The organization of emotional intelligence trainings conducted by people with visual impairments had a strong transformative effect on all participants, as evidenced by the subsequent feedback and additional meetings.