Project - HPE Learning and Development strategy (HPE L&D Strategy)


Hewlett Packard GDBC EOOD


Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

HPE's learning and development strategy uses internal resources to analyze the needs, develop and conduct training, providing all employees with the unique opportunity to be both trainers and trainees in various programs. At the same time, through voluntary initiatives team members transfer their knowledge and skills outside the company- to society, the NGO sector and partnering educational institutions. The strategy contributes to employees' continuous professional and personal development. Also through a network of NGOs and institutional partners they invest the acquired knowledge in targeted groups within society increasing these people's qualifications. From both the work within and outside the company, HPE L&D strategy is adding value to the quality of the social climate in Bulgaria

Project Target Group

By its core HPE's learning and development strategy is implemented by employees for employees. It is accessible to all and developed in accordance to the needs of individual target groups. In addition to the standard intra-corporate channels for promotion, a significant part of the communication is managed through employees-ambassadors who engage and involve their colleagues covering various topics.

Project Duration

The strategy contains a variety of programs with different content, duration and regularity. Their duration varies from one-day sessions to year-round training programs.

Project Activities

The strategy is implemented through a cycle of programs: BoardOn! - 6 training sessions for gaining basic professional skills and development of work habits Elevate - 9 months program for team leading and project management skills development Skilling the Future - a program for continuous identification of strategic skills and organization of training courses for their acquisition, led by certified in-house trainers Sofia Associated Facilitators - a local program for internal trainers certification. Those who participate are constantly expanding and enriching the training portfolio and content. Knowledge Lab Sharing Session - knowledge exchange sessions for transferable practical skills, applicable in a wide range of social and professional roles (Excel, Lean Six Sigma, Labour Law, Photoshop, guitar) Language courses by employees to employees - employees leading language courses in Bulgarian, Russian, German and Italian Volunteer Training Initiatives - employees share their expertise with target groups in a partnership with the NGO sector and educational institutions.

Project Results

'BoardOn! results show faster unification in customer service quality between new and long-term employees. 45% of the participants in the first edition of Elevate were promoted to leadership roles during or immediately after the end of the program Skilling the Future results show that after 11 sessions and 226 participants the interest in the program continues to grow. Certified internal trainers: 2018-14, 2019-25 and for 2020-20 (8 topics) Knowledge Lab Sharing Sessions-expanded knowledge and skills set with a social and professional orientation, increased motivation and improved communication between different teams and organizations in the company Language courses-increased level of language proficiency. 8 trainers in 4 languages, 100 people completed the classes in Sep'19-Apr'20