Project - "Digital Scouts: Treasure Hunt"



Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

"Digital Scouts: Treasure Hunt " is the first digital project of its kind to educate children and adolescents on the topic of safe internet and through gamification to test their knowledge in the field of online risks, giving them valuable advice and guidance. The game is part of Telenor's long-standing efforts to provide secure internet. The company has supported such initiatives since 2006, including a Dictionary of Social Networks and a Guide to Types of Online Harassment. The company was the first telecom in Bulgaria to introduce a filter to block materials on the Internet that contain sexual abuse of children. Telenor also participates in the European Cyber Security Month, coordinated by the European Union Agency for Cyber Security (ENISA) and the European Commission.

Project Target Group

Primary: Children from all over the country aged 7 to 17. Secondary: Parents

Project Duration

The game "Digital Scouts: Treasure Hunt" is part of Telenor's Safer Internet program, part of the telecom's corporate social responsibility, started 14 years ago and enriched every year with new elements. In 2019, the game was held for the first time in one day and managed to attract over 300 participants. In the past 2020, the game took place in one day, entirely online.

Project Activities

Digital Scouts: Treasure Hunt is a game designed to educate children about the dangers of the Internet while entertaining them with online treasure hunting. Due to the pandemic and the restrictions imposed, the second edition of the game was held entirely digitally in the mobile application Digital Scouts on October 17 (Saturday) 2020. The application could be downloaded completely free from Google Play and Apple App Store, and the game was suitable for children over 7 years of age from all over the country. To successfully complete the game, the children had to answer a series of questions on online safety. Some of the questions were asked by Telenor stars - Andy Studio and Pavel Kolev, and Itzaka, and the children had to search for information on the Internet. The questions educated the children on five topics related to online safety: Strangers on the Internet, Online bullying between peers, Settings in social networks and passwords, Media literacy, True and false information. After answering all the questions correctly, the participants became part of a raffle for 150 prizes.

Project Results

The game gathered over 17000 participants in just one day. On the day of the event,the game was the most downloaded in both online stores-Apple App Store and Google Play. There are almost 3000 participants under the age of ten and between the ages of 11 and 17 - over 8000. In 2020, within the Safer Internet digitalized 20 lessons for online safety.Developed together with the National Center for Safe Internet,the videos provide information about the dangers online as well as to protect against them available on They are for teenagers and their parents but can be useful for any user. Promotion of the game on Instagram - 761585 impressions and 548585 reach,58.2% eng. rate,in TikTok-11 693 reach and 12300 impressions, on YouTube - nearly 2 mln impressions, 297 582 reach.