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Project description

Project Aim

Many global businesses rely on the development of technology and the need for programmers, digital marketers and designers is growing with each passing day that's why many are looking for work in those areas. SoftUni offers just that. The free courses Programming Basics, Marketing Basics and Design Basics aim to introduce everyone who wants to the world of digital professions in a smooth, understandable and accessible way. This gives people the opportunity to understand whether the field they are interested in is for them and whether they would like to continue their education in it. Students have the opportunity to study at their own pace, in accordance with their personal life and work, which allows for professional retraining .

Project Target Group

SoftUni's free courses are aimed at everyone who has the desire to enter in their chosen field with ease, to get acquainted with the basic concepts and principles. There is no limit to education or age.

Project Duration

SoftUni's free courses have been around since its launch in 2013 with Programming Basics. With our next initiatives - Digital in 2016 and Creative in 2017, the free Marketing and Design Basics courses begаn. For all of them, campaigns are held several times a year and their attendance increases with each passing year. In the last year, the number of applicants for Programming Basics has exceeded 30,000, for Marketing Basics - 11,000, and for Design Basics - over 8,000.

Project Activities

SoftUni works with over 13 online media, which regularly cover our work on basics courses. We also sell a minimum of 10 PR materials per year for promotion. For each upcoming Basics course, 1 separate article is created in the blog pages of SoftUni. Each new BASIC training campaign is also promoted through email marketing and comprehensive social media campaigns. In 2020 we held a total of: 2 campaigns for Design Basics with a total of 9500 candidates for the year 3 campaigns for Marketing Basics with a total of 11 800 candidates for the year 9 campaigns for Programming Basics with a total of 24 000 candidates for the year These included blog and social media posts, media posts, emails and social media marketing. Over 250 designs have been made for all of them by our professional team of designers within the year.

Project Results

The number of candidates for the Basics courses is growing and setting new records with each passing year. What is more impressive, however, is that 1/3 of all those involved move forward in our programs and acquire new professional qualifications, which means that a large percentage of those involved in the basic level really come out with improved and newly acquired skills and qualities that are key to their career realization.