Project - Creating a sustainable business model in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment.


Rozino Organic farm


Investor in Environment

Project description

Project Aim

Developing a sustainable business model in order to minimize the negative impact of the business on the environment and promote good agricultural practices and ways of preserving the environment among other farms, businesses, partners and customers.

Project Target Group

The population of the Bulgarian Republic, with an emphasis on the younger generation, who are more open-minded towards creating new living and working habits, educating them to be responsible and respect for the environment.

Project Duration

The project is indefinite, having started 7 years ago, with the establishment of the bio-certified farm "Rozino".

Project Activities

While rearing all the animals on the farm, environmentally friendly living conditions are provided, with minimization of negative impact on the environment, through the introduction of a system for rotary pastures. Annual plantation of wood and shrubs in buffer zones, in order to preserve the normal habitat of flora and fauna, as well as to reduce the erosion of the post. We carry out year-round care and protection of endangered bird species, settlements and animals living in the area. We develop and increase the use of agricultural and livestock products, simultaneously developing commercial sites, in accordance with market demand. We drastically reduce carbon emissions from the transport of raw materials and finished products. We minimize the generation of packaging, which turns into garbage and becomes one of the main pollutants today. We utilize generated organic waste and compostable packaging from our own production, through composting, found on the farm. We have cleared 700 meters of the Ravna river bank from industrial waste, household garbage and plastic. In 2020 alone, we havecleared about 150 acres of fields, pastures and meadows from old waste, plastics and nyl

Project Results

Organic waste is collected, which is generated in 1 ton of compost. We use it when planting trees. We have made 3 bat nests, 2 of which already house bats, which are an important element in biodiversity conservation. We were able to save a pair of Imperial Eagles by ensuring a stable food chain by relocating snipe families. Due to the care we take daily, a black stork has settled in the area. We cleaned over 150 decares of meadows, pastures, fields from old plastic. We have cleaned 700 meters of ravine (riverbed) on the Ravna river from industrial waste and plastic. The grassland of the meadows and pastures we manage has increased, despite the dry year. This year, the honey collected from our apiary showed higher yields due to the conservation of biodiversity and ecology.