Project - FinCulture: e-book "Guide for healthy finances: the secrets of financial well-being" - with a charitable educational cause



Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

At the end of an unprecedented and difficult year, such as 2020, the experts from UniCredit Bulbank analyzed and collected in an e-book dozens of useful tips in understandable language to help people build a financial plan for 2021 and get additional confidence and better financial stability for themselves and their families. We published the tips in a completely free e-book "FinCulture - A Handbook for Healthy Finance: Secrets of Financial Well-Being". In the e-book, people received free access to valuable knowledge. Meanwhile for the first 10,000 copies downloaded by the end of February 2021, UniCredit Bulbank donated one lev in support of the educational foundation "Together in class". As early as the beginning of February, the "circulation" exceeded 13,000 downloads.

Project Target Group

There is a consensus in the society about the need to increase the financial culture of people of all spheres and ages, given the known educational deficit in this field. At UniCredit we believe that the more we help people - students, entrepreneurs, families - get informed and learn constantly how to better manage their money, the more enterprising, successful and satisfied they will be. In the difficult 2020, we decided with the e-book to help people plan their more successful 2021.

Project Duration

The e-book was written in 2020. It is part of an innovative educational project of the Social Impact Banking initiative of UniCredit Bulbank, which started in 2019. With the development of the situation with COVID-19 last year, we adapted the contentс of the book, so to meet the current needs of the people. For example, we created the special series FinCulture: Cybersecurity in connection with the growing use of digital payment channels.

Project Activities

The e-book is the culmination of year-round work in the bank to increase the financial culture in our country. The manual is part of FinKultura - an innovative educational project of the initiative Social Impact Banking of UniCredit Bulbank. We believe that physical culture is for health. FinCulture - for healthy finances. To publish the book, we went through many stages: Internal training for colleagues how to write for the web. In this way we develop the skills of our colleagues in the bank to present financial services in an understandable way. Preparation and editing of materials from several series in 2020, written by colleagues and published through media partnerships. Among them: - FinKuktura: Investments - a series of materials in plain language about how we invest - in a media partnership - Function: Mobile - a series of educational materials for the use of digital channels for money management - Finculture - Cybersecurity - a series of educational materials on how to protect yourself in an electronic environment. E-book design and editing. Internal choice of a charitable cause among the authors of the book. Publication and communication campaign for t

Project Results

In 2020, the author's materials from the FinCulture series of the bankers from UniCredit Bulbank were read ~ 100,000 times. Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, we have adapted the content of the materials to meet current needs. For example, in connection with the growth of digital payments, we have made a special series of educational articles on cybersecurity in order to protect people when using digital channels to manage their money. Without an advertising budget, entirely organically, the book, published in late December 2020, was downloaded more than 13,000 times by early February 2021. Our goal was 10,000 downloads by the end of February 2021 to make a full donation to Together in an Hour Foundation. The interest exceeded our expectations.