Project - Nestle eBusiness Academy



Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

Nestle is people-oriented company and we constantly provide relevant capability building opportunities. The situation in the past year as well as the ever-changing marketplace, requires from our professionals more than ever to have the right digital capabilities in order not only to cope, but to lead the digital transformation journey and to be able to serve our consumers with the highest standards. Therefore, in 202 we launched the eBusiness Academy - an global digital skills upscaling program for our people in Generating Demand and beyond.

Project Target Group

The first phase of the program starting in Feb 2020 is targeted at the internal Nestle population globally: starting with sales and marketing teams, and secondary expanding to the full organization.

Project Duration

There is no fixed duration of the program as eBusiness as such and the related capabilities are dynamic and require regular upskilling. This eBusiness Academy was launched in February 2020 and is one of the most important initiatives for the next 3-5 years and onwards. The content is live - the current modules in the academy are constantly upgraded & new modules are introduced.

Project Activities

The global content consists of 9 priority topics (like Search, Programmatic, Data, Content and many more), each of them developed across 5 levels of expertise – from basic awareness to specialized roles. This sums up to +100 hours of deep learning experience, complemented by tools and guidebooks. There are customized learning paths for more than 40 roles across the organization (Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, Finance, HR, Communication, IT, Legal). Every employee finds the relevant learning path based on their role & level of expertise needs. The content is 100% digital, available for self-learning in the academy’s platform and can be accessed by PC & mobile devices. Upon successful completion of the learning path, every user is eligible for a certification, relevant to their role and linked to their career development. The local roll-out of the program is built upon massive communication and activation campaign supported by regular follow-up and updates.

Project Results

With the program being launched in Feb 2020, the total number of users in the academy is 109. The result until end Dec 2020 are: 94% of them connected to the eBusiness Academy platform, 63% completed at least 1 out of the 9 training topics, 30% completed all 9 modules and passed the certification test successfully. The average time spent per user in the academy us 36 hours, the total number of training hours for all users who started is 3399. Out of these 109 users, 91 are coming from the priority functions (sales and marketing). Their results are even higher: 98% of them connected to the eBusiness Academy platform, 72% completed at least 1 out of the 9 training topics, 36% completed all 9 modules and passed the certification test successfully.