Project - Nestle needs YOUth 2020



Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

Nestle worldwide as well in Bulgaria is engaged to help young people to build needed expertise in the start of their careers COVID-19 pandemic has a great impact on youth employment. Nestlé is aware of its role in supporting young people and in 2020 its aim was to continue supporting their career development through its initiative even during pandemic. In 2020 Nestlé Bulgaria continued its dual education - the first class graduated successfully from its Sofia Factory traineeship; we continued to work actively on internships, trainings and preparation for work through CV workshops, career counseling, webinars.

Project Target Group

Young people under the age of 30, mainly current students and fresh graduates who are at the beginning of their career development. We reach them via long term partnerships and effective communication approach.

Project Duration

Тhe initiative is long term and is part of Nestle engagements to help local communities . Nestlé has long traditions of supporting and hiring young people. The company continued to meet its commitments also in 2020, by offering internship programs, job trainings and career development to over 250 young peoplе.

Project Activities

In 2020: Nestlé organized 2 webinars (online) for young people to support professional skills in the framework of the European Skills Week VET WEEK. Nestlé experts shared professional advices to young people how to build image among employers and how to successfully manage projects. As part of the initiative, young Bulgarian people had the chance to send a CV to Nestlé Bulgaria specialists and receive feedback. Nestlé also organized a Summer’s Cool virtual school, during which representatives of Nestlé Southeast Market shared experience and knowledge in various business areas. Nestlé took part in the Career Show, and experts from the company provided guidelines for career development of the participants. Nestlé was also a partner of the Junior Achievement in the Rising Stars Youth Entrepreneurship Forum and the Nestlé & JA #InnovationChallenge 2020 Innovation Camp. Nestlé also took part in the “DOMINO” project for encouraging dual education. 203 publications covered the initiative.

Project Results

In 2020 the company provided internship and/or work to almost 20 young people. During the past year over 240 young people participate in online seminars and learned more about how to improve their career opportunities. 24 students from Bulgaria. Romania, Serbia and Croatia participated in the Summer school, 6 were from Bulgaria. Nestlé helped young people better understand the professional environment in international environment , helped them develop skills and start their career.